Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Not So Stupid Now, Is He?
Regarding recent events in the Middle East, I have but one question to ask of all those tiny, little minds at democratic HQ, NYU, the liberal "think tanks", the editors of Slate, the Nation, The New Yorker, and a million editorial pages across the country: George W. Bush is not such a dumbass after all, is he?

Free and fair elections in Afghanistan (in which women actually came out to vote, imagine that?). Another election in Iraq. A softening of the hard line in Libya. Nascent democracy in Lebanon, the isolation of Syria, noises about something apporaching a democratic process in Egypt. The Palestinians (whatever they are) sitting down, almost willing to be dictated to. All this from a man who manages to mangle the English language everyday.

Who woulda thunk it?

Well, we did. By "we" I mean the people who don't believe that giving the world a Coke and teaching them to sing actually solves the world's problems. We are witnessing a new chapter in the history of the world: the spread of democracy in areas that heretofore would never even know what that was. In twenty years, we'll sit back and look on these developments with amazment.

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