Thursday, May 19, 2005

Getting your Burkha (or Kaffiyeh) in a Knot...
Now that Newsweek has been blasted for irresponsible reportage and being very bad Americans, let's turn our attention to the other side of the coin vis-a-vis the whole Koran-in-the-toilet kerfuffle.

Islam is a sorry excuse for a religion. The people who practice it are often a sorry excuse for people. It's central tenet is the primacy of Islam, to the exclusion of all other religions, even going as far as to advocate violence and sadism in a an effort to either forcibly convert or eliminate non-Muslims.

The Bible says "Thou shalt not kill". It does not make a distinction such as "Thou shalt not kill other Jews" . Islam, on the other hand, tells it's adherants a amalgam of the following: Thou shalt not kill other Muslims, although Jews and all other infidels are fair game, unless of course, you are killing Shi'ites and other apostates or if your murderous rampage is made in the name of securing or regaining secular power, which of course, you will do in the name of Allah."

Islam is all about murder. It's murdered it's way across three continents since the 7th century, so why should it stop now?

Newsweek was definitely wrong to publish that article considering the volatility of the Islamic hoarde and the fact that American boys and gals are in the line of fire. But it's also painfully obvious that Muslims will latch onto any excuse they can find to kill somebody. Anybody.

You know, it's about time all of this "hearts and minds" bullshit in Iraq and Afghanistan came to an end. You can invade a country, drive out the repressive, murderous thugs who run it, introduce democracy and the free market and in the end, the violence continues. It continues because we have been aiming at the wrong target. Saddam and the Taliban were merely side effects: the real poison is Islam.

President Bush has made incredible efforts to frame the current War on Terror not as a crusade (not afraid to use the word) against Islam, but merely the evil dictators and terrorists who hide behind it. I have always disagreed with this contention. If we're serious about winning, it cannot be through magnanimity before victory is achieved, it must be achived before we can be magnaminous. Once again, our Western sensibilities, in this case not knocking anyone's religion, is hindering us.

Flatten Iraq if the people won't turn in or do something about the terrorists and insurgents in their midst. Send Afghanistan back to the Mud Age is people wish to riot over a thrid-hand report of a falsehood, merely accepted as fact because they lack the capacity for independant thought. Murder, rampage and outrage is all these people understand, and naked power is all they respect. Let's start filling some mass graves of our own ---Saddam seemed to rule over a country with no internal dissent when he did it. Only after the rabble rousers and their hangers on are utterly defeated, humiliated, unable to continue the fight on any level whatsoever, can the process of democratization go forward.

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