Monday, May 02, 2005

Git On With Yer Bad Selves... Proving once again that we all just simply take up space on this planet, blowing hot air from our rectal cavities, I submit a collection of links to various news stories, with typically witty repartee attached. For your reading pleasure:
This little blurb about Muslim reaction to Pope Benedict's Inauguration speech:
Yes, God forbid that the Pope fail to mention Muslims in a speech to Catholics. The angst over the mention of Jews in the speech once again proves what an inferiority complex Muslims still have vis-a-vis Jews. In fact, a careful examination of Islam would lead one to believe that it is basically just Judaism for the disaffected, no matter how much the Imams might protest to the contrary.
After all, don't Muslims consider themselves descended from Abraham too? Did Muslims not wholly subsume the kosher laws into their system? Did Muslims not build their holy sites in some of the same places the Jews built theirs? Don't Muslims consider themselves the chosen people as well? Get over it, Muhammed, you're Jews in everything but name but are in denial. I sugest therapy and massive doses of prozac.
Also in the "I need serious mental help" department, I give you this:
John Kerry proves that he still lives in an alternate universe because a) he believes he'll get another shot at the brass ring and b) he's still fixated on Ohio. Then again, democrats are still fixated on Florida. And Mc Carthyism. And on the vast right-wing conspiracy. And the threat of conservative theocracy doing to America what it did to Iran.
Two things to bear in mind: a) the democratic primaries in 2007-8 will be a repeat of 2004 (i.e. the candidates will fall all over themsleves to "reasssure" voters that they are not George Bush, even though Bush won't be running) and b) all the contenders will be tripping over the contradiction that while they believe in a secular vision of the United States, they're all good bible thumpers, too. These people keep focusing on minutiae and missing the big picture. you didn't lose because of your lack of religion, nor did you lose because the democratic process failed in Florida and Ohio. You lost because your platform is dated, your ideology is stale and because you can't advance a candidate that is electable.
I look forward to seeing President Rice inaugurated on Jan. 20, 2009.
From the "It must be a conspiracy" department, I submit this:
Yes Virginia, there is a massive conspiracy to put God back into government! I mean, just the reference to Jonestown proves it! This line of resoning reminds me of those scenes from the Silence of the Lambs movies where Hannibal Lecter can ask a series of seemingly random questions and pontificate on a variety of subjects before he can answer the question: what would this killer have for lunch?
Yes there are religious fanatics in the world. Just ask Mohammed Atta or David Koresh. And certainly, every so often the religious becomes the political, which is pretty much the history of Christianity in it's entirety. But when you scream about "extremism" and the people you (carefully) select to prove it are batier than Patrick Leahy (Communist - Vermont), you're not making your point. Then again, pardon the pun, the people who engage in this kind of nosense are preaching to the chior.
And finally, in the "Salem witch hunts did not end in the 1700's" category:
Wow, imagine people actually having the gall to insist that "unpopular" and "out of the mainstream" views have a fair hearing at a university, of all places, should happen in our day and age. It's amazing how people who scream like stuck pigs when their radical, narrowly-held views are questioned in academia and demand equal (or rather special) protection, get even louder when it's speech they don't agree with. Perhaps now that the shoe is on the other foot, and the country as a whole is becoming more conservative (a trend of the last 40 years, btw) we might actually have something approaching fair debate on a campus somewhere. That thought scares the professoriate more than anything else, people.
After all, where can an "intellectual" get paid to churn out nonsense and invent areas of educational endeavor such as gender studies, ghetto culture, the politics of the genitals, porn for extra credit, naked archeology and such and not answer to the public, the students, or the concerned citizenry? Could it be that perhaps these tiny minds are just frightened enough that their world, which revolves more around their feelings and lunatic ideas rather than the exchange of information, are afraid that someone might actually shine a light into their actvities? Could it be [ossible that he consumers of what passes for higher education might actually want to know what they're paying for? One shudders to think what might happen if people were to actually question why they're paying 40K a year for Junior and Sally to get "edumacated" and then wonder why they aren't...

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