Saturday, July 09, 2005

While England Slept...
And the same can be said for Spain, France, Germany and Italy. It can be applied to the entire EU-rinal from Ireland to Ukraine, from Oslo to Malta. The countries of Europe have been asleep.

While Europe has slept under the shield of American protection, it has invited a virus into it's host body which will surely kill it. That virus is radical Islamic fundamentalism.

It came with the Algerians who clean the French sewers and ensure that Jean Q. le Publique gets to vacation for four weeks a year, and pay the taxes that enable him to retire and retire at 55. It arrived with the Turks who came to Germany to sweep the streets and which allows Herr Shicklegruber to enjoy his local hospital. The pernicious germ came attached to the Albanians arriving in Italy in record numbers so that Italians can watch their annual Milan-Juventus match without having to worry about their trash being picked up.

The infection exists in the millions of unassimilated Arabs and Muslims living on the crumbs of the societies that they perpetuate with the sweat of their brow and back-breaking labor. The English, French, Germans and Italians are more than willing to let these people live amongst them, provided they do what's required of them (pay taxes, vote for this or that political party), but otherwise wants nothing to do with them.

Well, apparently, that's not going to be the way of things anymore.

There are millions of disaffected, detatched fromt heir homes and their culture, looking for something to cling onto, something to identify with. They're not allowed to be French, they're merely cogs in the machine of the French welfare state, so naturally, they cling to the only unifying and fufilling force they have: their religion.

But that religion has also been infected: by political theories, by moral relativism, by pap psychology. It's no longer a religion in the purest sense --- a moral compass by which the faitful will live their lives. It has instead become the driving force in destroying that to which they cannot belong --- Western Culture.

This is something Europeans seem to be missing. Perhaps because it's Europeans who invented the process of pap psychology, moral relativism, ridiculous political theories and deconstruction that allows evil to fester in their midst without anyone identifying it as such.

Europe has now had two serious wake up calls: one in Madrid and the other in London. You start to wonder when the political leaders will stop hitting the snooze button and do what needs to be done: either assimilate these folks or fight to the death with them. The first option will never happen because to do so would seriously undermine European society. The second will happen because it's the only option the Muslims are laying on the table.

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