Thursday, January 05, 2006

In Need of Help...For a Worthy Cause...
If there's anyone out here who actually reads this, I willrequire suggestions and perhaps a little help, on how to start a charity.

My idea (such as it is) came to me recently in a local library when I began to think about people who don't have access to a public library. Liek shut-ins. The elderly. The victims of Hurricane's Katrina and Rita.

I wish to start something I have tentatively called 'Lectric Library. The aim will be to put together a truck, some form of electronic reader, and a bunch of CD's that can be handed out in old-folks homes or in places where normal library service is lacking or out of service due to some emergency.

If there's anyone out there with experience in charity work, fundraising, electronics, publishing and the legal rigamarole necessary to get such a venture off the ground, please drop me a line.

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