Thursday, February 23, 2006

Waiting Patiently...
Concerning the exploding of a Shi'a mosque in Iraq, I'm waiting for all the morons who claim that simple cartoons of the "Prophet" are offensive and insensitive to come out in force and yell with the same ferocity about the desecration of of a holy shrine.

(Insert Cricket-chirping sound effect here)

Of course no one will come forward, hold a protest march, attack an embassy or behead anyone else over this. Why? Because there is no way in which to blame the West (especially America), no way to use the incident to incite hatred against the West (especially America), or use it as a pretext for prying anything from a Western government (especially America).

The violence is Muslim on Muslim, which is not supposed to happen, but which routinely does, and which can be excused according to your view of orthodoxy, as relates to Islam. For every verse in the Koran that extolls the nobler virtues of mankind, you'll find another that allows human nature to run rampant in the name of God. The only fig leaf you need to cover your activity is to be able to brand the target as a renegade or an apostate. Given the centuries long debate and violence between Sunni and Shi'a, that's an easy call to make - blow the apostate's mosque up, dammit!

I keep telling people; we're not dealing with a religion --- we're dealing with a mental illness that manifests itself in a personality disorder. On the one hand, Muslims shout about the denial of their humanity. On the other, they display no such trait. There ain't enough Zoloft on the planet to fix this.

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