Friday, March 24, 2006

Better Get This In...
Because of the monstrosity of what was once, euphamistically, called Campaign Finance Reform, starting tomorrow, political advocacy or dissent must cease in this country. Why, you ask? because there will be primaries held within the next month, and CFR restricts such political speech within 30 days of a primary or general election.

So, in the interests of following the law (as unconstitutional and ridiculous as it is), I wish to get the following things out in the open, before they become illegal:

1. John McCain is a Nazi, because he has promulgated legislation which violates the First Amendment. The Congress and Supreme Court which helped him do so are equally guilty.
2. John McCain is no republican, but rather an opportunistic slug willing to sell his party and his country down the river for personal gain.
3. CFR is nothing of the sort: it is a step towards lifetime tenure for elected officials.
4. John McCain is not fit to be dog catcher, let alone a Senator.
5. I hope John McCain is taking the other "gang of 14" traitors to a champagne lunch tomorrow, and that some of the democrats (yes, democrats) who will be re-elected because there will be no dissent posted anywhere against them, pick up part of the check.
6. I will do everything in my (admittedly limited) power to ensure that John McCain's name does not appear anywhere on ballot for the highest office in the land.
7. I hope John McCain chokes.
8. Anyone who's war record involves being shot down twice and being a POW for six years in a lost cause is NOT qualified to be Commander in Chief.
9. John McCain is an egomaniac who still can't believe he lost to Bush in '99, and who takes every opportunity he can to stick it to GWB, while still pretending to be above the fray. The "loyalty" act ain't workin' on me, Johnny.
10. John McCain and Hilary Clinton are the two most dangerous politicians in the United States today, and are, in fact, mirror images of each other, only McCain has bigger tits.

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