Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Illegal..and BALLSY...
Re: all the recent protests by illegal aliens (not IMMIGRANTS, you'll notice).

To begin with, just who do you think you are? You enter this country( in direct violation of the law), you stay in this country ( in direct violation of the law) , and you take advantage of the charity of the people of this great nation, while adding not thing-fucking-one, and you have the NERVE to protest when we decide we're going ot start enforcing our own laws?

To go on, I would have no issue with any of you if you were any of the following;

1. Legally allowed to be here
2. Legally allowed to work here
3. Not sucking at the government teat and wasting MY TAX DOLLARS. My government already does a good enough job of creatively vaporizing coerced wealth, it does not need 12 million useless mouths to help accelerate the process.

That having been said, we also have to lay blame in two other areas, both equally as culpable as the ballsy assholes who believe they have "rights" within a society that they have invaded and paid no respect to it's basic laws upon arrival. Those two other entities are government and business.

The American government has simply allowed Mexican and Central American illegal immigration because to do the right thing (enforce border security and immigration law) is not "sexy" enough to garner attention, on a good day. Better to waste the People's time and money by Federalizing the same high-school dropouts who allowed Mohammed Atta to walk through airport security when he was on a terrorist watch list, or the other jerk who sent him a visa to stay in the country six months after he crashed an airplane in the the WTC.

Of course, the government (both political parties) reap benefits from untold masses of illegal immigrants: there are campaign contributions for big business (most notably agriculture) and built-in grievance-based voting blocs.

American business is, of course, the biggest bully in this whole fight. On the one hand, it brought us NAFTA, one of the arguments for which was that once American companies built plants and assembly lines in Mexico, Mexicans would stay home. Didn't happen. It also screams for low-wage labor (particularly in agriculture, fod service and janitorial businesses), because, Goddammit, Americans all want $20 an hour, a dental plan and a silver-plated toilet seat to boot. Of course they do. Don't you, Mr. CEO?

NAFTA was the first overt attempt by American business to do that which they have always wanted: reinstitute slavery, or as close to it as you can get. Illegal immigration comes even closer, and the best part of both is? No one will report your abuses because they don't have any choice.

We now have a vicious confluence that is about to overflow and poison all our collective wells: we have imported an entire underclass, most from countries and cultures where law, democratic principles and political freedom do not exist, letting them live parasitically on the edges of our civilization, and many are thinking of "giving them a pass" (as the Senate Judiciary vote the other day on this subject seems to indicate) because proetsts are bad PR and our Senators simply cannot exist without those campaign contributions.

I wonder what John McCain (Traitor- Arizona) has to say about this? His state is one of the hardest hit in terms of what illegal immigration costs it. His state is one of the hardest hit when it comes to Hispanic gang activity. He's fought a steady battle for increased federal funding (i.e. stealing from Bismarck to feed illegals in Tuscon) to Arizona's immigration problems, but has he voted for a bill that would send these folks back home? Or punish their illegal employers?

Or is that not what Johnny means when he talks about "Campaign Finance Reform"? I mean, not like he can vote against something when he probably (can't prove it, but I'd bet on it) gets a nice paycheck from Big Agriculture or the Restaurant OwnersAssociation, or maybe even his own Country Club?

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