Sunday, August 19, 2007

Banned From Free Republic!
Sigh. Go figure. I was just banished from FreeRepublic for having the temerity to ask the following question:

"Why is it that Ronald Reagan who was divorcee, had children who hated him (one of whom is thought by many to be gay, and another with a drug habit who posed for Playboy) deified, and Rudy Giuliani (with much of the same bagage) villified? Why the double standard?"

After arguing (fruitlessly -- some of those folks are out and out incapable of having an argument, it's either their way or the highway) with an idiot, who then reported my lack of orthodoxy to the moderators. I found that when I went to respond to his post, that my posting privleges had been revoked, thusly:

"Posting privleges revoked
Reason: trolling for Rudy"

Naturally, this occured AFTER I had made it clear that I would prefer Newt Gingrich be President of the United States.

The real problem is, of course, is that I called Reagan (and the angelic vision of him) into question, and hoisted the angry poster on his own petard: he never answered the question, and merely recycled a bunch of boilerplate excuses, most of which revolve around small variations of degree, and which never come close to the unvarnished truth; Reagan promised a Constitutional Amendment banning abortion, and said he would prayer back in the schools. Rudy hasn't. Naturally, Reagan did neither, but go figure. All that counts, apparently, is that he said the magic words.

They don't care about the position, I guess, they just want to HEAR THE WORDS. It gives them the impression that they are being taken seriously. Because, you know, normally they shouldn't be.

Good to know that "conservatives" (defined as mind-numbed robots who don't have a thought that didn't originate in Scripture -- sort of like the Taliban, only they sorta-kinda believe in the Constitutional republic) still believe in Free Speech and the application of fairness, huh?

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Anonymous said...

I was banned for having the gaul to have a non Catholic discussion on biblical thoughts. I had been a member for over 5 years and was banned for trolling. It apears that there are some golden calfs on FR that one does not touch or you are banned