Monday, June 09, 2008

The Dominion of KKKanada
There's been a bit of a brouhaha north of the border these days, in case you did not know. In the matter of the Crucifixion of Mark Steyn, the Dominion of Canada has seen fit to criminalize free speech, not by an act of Parliament, but by the whim of apparatchiks sitting on the tribunals of un-elected Human Rights Commissions --- which is three lies for the price of one.

Steyn is on trial, possibly for his professional life in Canada, because he had the gall to write about Islam, and pissed off some Muslims who used the kangaroo court system of the Human Rights Commissions to punish him. Never mind that some of the complaintants didn't even bother to show up in this court, that it was not governed by the rules of evidence that one normally assumes would be followed in a legal matter, and indeed, even that the HRC itself is full of agent-provocatuers who have invented hate crimes (and evidence for them!) in order to prosecute (and persectue) people with whom they disagree culturally, politically, and so forth. And then they get paid by the government when they 'win' their case (so far, the tribunals are 31-0, amazing how that happened, isn't it?) tax free, plus awards for expenses and "pain and suffering". The biggest recipient thus far is a man named Richard Warman, a former commission member, who to date, appears as a complaintant on almost every complaint sent to the commissions. These courts basically have free reign to destroy folks who don't tow the entire multi-culti, PC-to-the-max line, invent crimes, fabricate evidence, and then be handed money by the government. Those whom they prosecute have little or no recourse to the *real* courts in Canada (the ones that presumably follow the rule of law) and are usually publicly humiliated, bankrupted and shamed.

The HRC has never lost a case. Ever. Mostly because the trials and such are rigged before the defendant ever steps into a courtroom. Legally rigged because of the nature of the commissions themselves, and because of the vague wording of the laws which called them into being. It's made worse by many Canadian's desire to be seen as the most compassionate people on the planet, even if it means they lose their own freedoms while they do it.

Free Speech is dead in Canada. You can bet your bottom dollar that the fascists and commies in this country are salivating at the prospect of creating such an effective weapon against their ideological enemies in this country. With an inexperienced, sympathetic, race-baiting, left-loony Barack Obama at the helm of this nation, they just might be given their lead.

You can click on the Mark Steyn link on this page to get the whole story, but it is obvious that Steyn, and some of his fellow journalists will soon (if they have not already) be declared guilty despite legal precedent and evidence to the contrary.

In solidarity, I have added additional links to my link bar. You can now link to Maclean's magazine (where Steyn is a contibutor), to FreeDominion (a Canadian conservative site), and Five Feet of Fury, written by Kathy Shaidle.

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