Saturday, October 04, 2008

Not Allowed to Reproduce, Part I...
Announcing the beginning of a new series, The 'Not Allowed To Reproduce Chronicles', where I shall be pointing out some seriously disturbing things from around the Web, and the distrubing people who are responsible for them, and identifying those people too obviously stupid to be allowed to reproduce. When you, loyal reader, see this sort of person, you are required to hit them with a shovel, or reach for the nearest firearm. We must save the human race.

Today's Enemy of the Species tag goes to overindulgent pet owners. You know the ones I mean. The ones who treat their dogs like their children (or often, better than their children) and who can be reliably counted upon to open their wallets for the most ridiculous reasons when it comes to animals. Such people are a dire threat to the human gene pool; they are sickening, they are mentally retarded, and worse, they have the ability to make a Golden Retriever look gayer than Sigfried and Roy. This sort of person must be stopped -- the Survival of the Human Race may depend on it, because one day all Golden Retrievers in electric pink cashmere sweaters may simultaneously rise in open revolt, mightily pissed that they've been dressed so gaily that even poodles laugh at them.

But, you say, you can't just take my word for it? You mean, well, actually whacking people on little more than my say-so strikes you as, well, rather....severe. You say you require more proof as to the danger to the human gene pool posed by such a person? Well, here you go; (Via Instapundit)

There. All the proof you could ever need. Now, if you know someone like this, you know what you must do. The future of humanity depends upon it.

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