Friday, October 24, 2008

People Who Can't Count, Shouldn't Be Allowed (to Sign Other People Up) to Vote...
ACORN, an adjunct to the democratic party (despite what both have to say on the subject), last week claimed to have 'registered 1.3 million new voters' for the 2008 election. Seems they were a little off base...


Apparently, 2/3 of those 'new voters' are either outright inventions, ineligible voters, or just folks updating their information. Of course, when ACORN announced it's numbers last week, every flapping rectum on the cable networks was assuring us that this many 'new voters' most assuredly will break for Barack Obama.

Except that all these 'new voters' don't exist. And of the 1/3 that did manage to pass muster (about 450,000), how many will actually get to the polls on Election Day? WHo knows? But, the buzz is all about the 'new, young voters' that have signed up 'in herds.' Best guess, based on my knowledge of human nature: if the majority of those 'new voters' are under the age of 25, probably not many will actually show on Election Day (perhaps 10%. Young folk don't get out of bed for classes, dental appointments...and Election Day. Hey, there's, like, no school that day!), and fully 2/3 s of them will change from democrat to republican within 15 years. In fact, if I had to depend on the average under-25 for anything, I would depend on them not having enough ambition (or responsibility) to get up and go stand in line for anything that didn't have Beyonce in it, or come with a 99-cent burrito.

But of course, we've been told that young people have been signing up in record numbers -- as they seem to do every four years ( btw, is that real numbers or ACORN numbers?), and every four years we hear a variation on the same routine campaign-conventional-wisdom-nugget-of-the-day (that is, every four years when a hip democrat is running...we didn't hear it for either Al Gore or John Kerry, only Bill Clinton and JFK): "young people may be the key to this election..."

News flash: young people have hardly, ever, been the key to an American election. Especially those who only exist because someone fraudulently filled in a registration form for them, and then counted it three times to inflate their numbers (for political and economic reasons...allegedly).

Never, ever believe the media who tell you these stories, and certainly never trust any information given to the press by ACORN. One tells the lie, and the other has the means to disseminate it.

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