Sunday, November 09, 2008

Expect More of This...

Really, some people just are that stupid. This woman now believes she has the right to assault police officers, free of punishment, because there is now a black man about to be sworn in as President of the United States? As if Obambi is handing out pardons (at least not yet!) for stupidity if the perpetrator happens to be black?

Or is it something deeper? I mean, American Blacks have been told (mostly by white liberals) that they have been victims of a cruel and unjust white power structure (regardless of a Civil War, Constitutional Amendments, Civil Rights and Voting Acts, Affirmative Action, the Welfare State, watered-down standardized scholastic tests, and a host of other programs, conventions and laws, all propagated by the same white power structure, btw) , why shouldn't they start to believe that once that structure has been penetrated by one of their own, that they are entitled to do as they damn well please. And if it happens to be done to a white person, and even better, a white police officer, so much the better. They believe they are owed.

What gall.

Expect to see more of this kind of shit in the coming days.

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