Sunday, January 04, 2009

Meet The New War; Same as the Old War...
Palestinians (can we stop using that term, please? There is no such place as 'Palestine') are at it again. And once again, Israelis are forced to act in self-defense, and yet again, the chattering rectum class piles on the Joos and calls them 'murderers' and 'warmongers' and 'babykillers', conveniently forgetting that there's several tens of millions of Ay-rabs whipping up rockets and land mines, and explosive belts in their basements and kitchens with which they hope to kill Joos. They only launch rockets indiscriminately every goddamned day. They only send suicide bombers out every goddamend day to take out a pizzeria in a crowded shopping mall. They only try to kidnap Israelis daily to hold them for ransom, or simply to torture them.

We've seen this show before, and we know how it ends:

The Ay-rabs blow up Joos, and the Joos -- who have the capacity to kill an awful lot of Ay-rabs in return -- don't. The Ay-rabs then hide behind women and children knowing the Joos are reluctant to shoot at human shields, cry they are victims, and continue to escalate the violence.

The Joos, their supplies of forbearance having been exhausted by continuously escalating violence, retaliate, but they are extremely circumspect in their retaliation; they target only combatnats and the people who lead them, they destroy only those buildings they reasonably believe aid the enemy. This is in marked contrast to the Ay-rabs indiscriminate use of force, but somehow the Joos are guilty of 'disproportionate responses'.

Eventually, the Joos lay a mighty beating on the Ay-rabs, but having been chastized by the EU, the American press, the Berkeley Faculty and every advocate of complete surrender to the dark forces of militant Islam, they don't follow up that victory in any meaningful way (i.e. in such a way that will leave these parasites starving to death and in no position to continue launching rockets at Joos) for fear of looking like bullies. They let their enemies off the mat, and the Ay-rabs simply wait for the new checks from the EU, the Saudis and Iranians to clear, before renewing the cycle.

You know what? It's been 60 years already. Enough is enough.

Someone should realize that despite the lip-service they pay to it, the Ay-rabs don't want peace. They don't want economic prosperity. They don't want freedom and democracy. Hell, they were given the opportunity to elect a democratic government and they only managed to elect Hamas, a group that makes the Nazi SS seem like a bunch of pansy, bed-wetting Boy Scouts.

My advice, if you want to take it, Joos: before you prematurely end this conflict, perhaps you should make certain these people suffer horrendously. Only people who have surrendered after suffering horrendously disavow violence. Just ask Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.

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