Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Shmuck Schumer...
Via Anne Althouse, yet another reason why this country is so completely phucked: Charles Schumer (Moron-New York). This is the attitude that is at the root of almost all of America's problems; the Anointed Classes (in business, academia and now, obviously, in politics) believe that we don't care -- Schumer was just dumb enough to actually come out and say it, and worse, one gets the impression that Schumer and his ilk not only believe we don't care, but that we're stupid, as well.

Obviously we are -- Schumer keeps getting re-elected.

Remember this about Charles Schumer; his only concern is Charles Schumer. He can talk all he wants about serving the public interest, and what a privilege it is to be a Senator from the Great State of New York, but it has been said for many years now that Schumer is a self-serving egomaniac who can't help himself if there's a chance of getting his moribund mug on television. He's a shining example of the old maxim that the best way to tell if a politician is lying is to see if his lips are moving. There is no crusade, no matter how petty, minor or inconsequential that Schumer will not take up for the express purpose of putting his name and picture in the newspaper.

Now, in a moment of abject clarity, Schumer makes his opinion on the Great Unwashed Masses perfectly clear. We're dumb. We don't care. We need our elected 'betters' to protect us from ourselves because otherwise we'd all stick our tongues in wall outlets and eat our own feces. It's better that we not ask what he's up to, or what his friends might be doing, because, well, we don't understand it anyway, and can't be bothered to work up the ambition, on our best day, to figure it out.

If you've never before realized just what an asshole Charles Schumer is, he's made it perfectly clear for you. So clear that even an uncaring, mentally-retarded slug like you can understand it.

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