Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Some Thoughts on Sotomayor...

The dog and pony show which is a Senate Confirmation Hearing on Judge Sonia Sotomator began in earnest yesterday. They shouldn't bother, as her appointment is foregone conclusion in the sense that democrats (small 'd' intentional) have the votes to confirm her in any case. The only obstacle to confirmation now is if it was found that she had done something really heinous, like ruled that people have the right to BBQ puppies in public in full "Village People" get-up with fireworks shooting out of their asses, in front of a gas station.

The abortion questions 'conservatives' (small 'c' intentional) will probably ask are moot; the Supreme Court usurped the power of both Congress and the states when it ruled in Roe v. Wade, and since the results of that power grab have been a postive boon for both parties, don't expect the question to actually be resolved in these hearings (although the Senators will kick it about to buff up their own street cred to their constituencies). Besides, we all know that there is now too much invested in the decision for anyone to actually talk seriously about the Supreme Court reversing itself; it will never happen. The Court will not reverse it's decision and pop the bubble of infallibility and reverence with which the institution is held by the legal profession (itself a den of whores), and neither party will submit to the Federalist soultion --putting the abortion question to a straight up-and-down vote in state legislatures -- because both sides manipulate the question for political gain (and money, as well as organized voting blocs) as it suits their purposes. And they do it too damned well.

Instead, I would concentrate on scoring a rhetorical point which might have an effect on the voting public despite her confirmation. It's that "Wise Latina" comment.

Her apologists have pooh-poohed it as an off-the-cuff remark which may represent a personal belief, but which does not translate to a 'core judicial philosophy', but I say 'bullshit'. She's on reconrd as having said it something like five, seven or 3thirty-one times, depending on who you believe. Anyone who says such things repeatedly (especially in prepared speeches!) doesn't do so because it's a random thought; they say it because they either truly believe it, or it's the sort of 'apply anywhere bullshit' which all politicians (and judges, unfortunately, are politicians, too) carelessly fling around to sport their political bona-fides.

In which case, Sonia Sotomayor is either under the impression that it is a true statement, which makes it a racist statement. Or, she's a liar who will say whatever is required of her depending on her audience, possessed of a stockpile of well-turned-politically-correct pablum to throw at them when required.

I'm not certain which it is. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt here, conditioning that benefit with the personal impression that she seems to be both an opportnist who has learned to use her gender and heritage for her personal advantage, and that's she's probably dumber than dogshit, but very well-rehearsed in the ways of political crapspeak. I'm certain that outside the political and legal realms, she probably makes a mean arroz con pollo and is probably a very pleasant woman (I do have to give her credit for having a wonderful smile, which conveys friendliness and warmth, like grandma used to).

That having been said, I'm not certain she's really a good choice, but perhaps merely the least-worse.

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