Thursday, July 30, 2009

Toasting Someone Who Will Soon Be Toast...

Re: This whole Keg Party at the White House thingy. I'd like to make the following statements:

1. This Professor Gates guy is an asshole. He's made a living selling his own hatreds and whining brand of self-pity as 'serious' scholarship. He's almost like the English stage actors who 'make their name' playing Lear or Hamlet at the Old Vic, and then continuously live in that motif, unaware of where the part ends and the individual begins. Henry Louis Gates is a product of his industry; like any good salesman, he's always working the angles.

Which is why I believe (but can't prove, natch) that when the police arrived at his door, he couldn't do the right thing and co-operate with them. No, no, no. He instead fell into character as the aggrieved black man, and when the defecation hit the ventilation, decided it was too good an opportunity to continue to peddle his brand of venomous stupidity. He's unaware that his is living in the past, while still having the wherewithal to remember how his present depends on his trotting out his tired act yet one more time. It's what his public wants.

2. This Sergeant Crowley fella has missed an opportunity. Sure, it's really nice to invite yourself to the White House for beer and an audience, but you could have made it so much more with a little imagination. This will not be, as the President hopes, a teachable moment or experience or whatever buzz-phrase he's trotted out for it, it will be a First-Class Dog-and-Pony-Show, complete with Potemkin-like expressions of solidarity and contrition, all contrived.

I'm not about to tell Sgt. Crowley his business, but if it were me, I would have asked for the following;

a) A public apology from both President Obama (for sticking his nose in where it didn't belong, and for the insult to police officers everywhere) and Professor Gates (for being an uncooperative, unappreciative dipshit) before I set foot in Washington, D.C., and an assurance that the First Harridan...errr...First Lady, will have been safely airdropped anyplace three-days walk from Washington. Make certain that formerly-private citizen Lucia Whalen (the woman who made the original 911 call, and who is now being pilloried by your allies and fellow race-baiters for it), gets her own apologies, as well.

b) If you want your photo op, Mr. president, then I get to choose which media will be allowed inside to record the event, and then I choose the outlets I find the most trustworthy. I then get to approve whatever dispatch the White House Press Office decides to send out --before it sends it out. I also get to choose who is in the picture, excepting yourself, and Professor Gates.

c) I reserve the right to have my own cameraman record the event, so that I can call a press conference the day after to counter whatever administration-approved lies the Mainstream Media is ordered to tell afterwards.

Then I would happily toast every one's health, gladly.

Now, as to who will be 'toast' after this event.

Unfortunately, Henry Louis Gates will probably still be employed after this fiasco reaches it's crescendo. Parasites like this almost always survive even the worst results of their self-inflicted wounds. Just think about how many drunk drivers walk away from the SUV-wrapped-around-a-tree while all the passengers died or ended up cripples. This is, in a way, almost like a drunk-driving accident; Professor Gates acted irrationally, and put others at risk because he was selfish, arrogant and stupid. You don't agitate men who have guns and often-stressful jobs; that's often a recipe for disaster. The Professor is a very lucky man. He's lucky that the police officers that responded exercised restraint and acted professionally and responsibly. Otherwise, he might be laying on a slab in the morgue. He's been dinged, but the public will forget his name in very short order, and he will return to being Harvard's Number One Tenured Race Baiter.

Barack Obama will not be so fortunate.

I've told you before that the election of Barack Obama would lead to a certain phenomenon, where blacks would now assume that with one of their own at the top (and I wonder, how many of them would have ridiculed Obama as not being 'authentically black', or called him 'Oreo' for having a white mother -- before it seemed possible that he might actually win the election?), this gives them a license to do whatever the hell they please. I generalize; I don't expect all black folks to act with that lack of restraint, or leap to the illogical conclusion that they could, over would. There is, however, a certain subset of the black community that feels that not only is their right to act like retards, but that no one should call them on it. If you do, you get called 'racist'.

But I've come to the conclusion that Barack Obama has shot himself in the foot on this one. The man who advertised himself as someone capable of spanning the racial divide instead dove headlong into the chasm. He did something which resonates with certain blacks --back the Brother against The Man -- but that occurred simultaneously with something which resonates with far more people -- he acted, spoke,and passed judgement without having, by his own admission, the facts. The people who see that Barack Obama, the quick to judge, the uninformed, the one willing (some might say eager) to inject race into something he was ignorant of, speaks far louder about him to people with the same sense God gave to a guinea pig.

That's what's so troubling -- the willingness to make assumptions that can't be backed up by facts. It's already bit Obama on his posterior with regards to Unemployment, the so-called Stimulus, and now this 'Healthcare' monstrosity. It's almost as if he believes that whatever set of facts, or even whatever flight of imagination, he cooks up, makes it so. Professor Gates wasn't arrested because the police responded to a legitimate situation, and refused to co-operate, he must have been arrested because he was 'Racially Profiled'. The facts say otherwise, but in Obama's world, they don't matter. The only thing that matters is perception. That's what he's been selling the American Public his entire life, after all. I guess there's a little way-past-his-encore English stage actor in Obama, too.

The facade around Obama cracks daily, mostly because he's unable to communicate either the purposes or effects of his policies, but this incident took one of those cracks and widened and made it the Grand Canyon. Now we're talking about Reverend Wright again. And Michelle's "for the first time I'm proud of my country..." speech. And we're wondering if all that "Post-racial" nonsense was just that.

Barack Obama, if he hadn't already done so with his policies, has, with this action, ensured that he will be a one-term President. He could pass "Free Easter Eggs for Everyone" and "A Pot of Gold at the End of Every Rainbow" legislation, and none of it will matter now. President Obama has just ensured that the racial scabs which cover this country's wounds, will be continually picked at and torn off for the next three years. It's a process that might never end, even though part of his appeal was the hope (more false perception) that with his elevation to the White House, it might have.

I hope the President seriously considers that while he enjoys his Bud Light and generated-for-the-cameras-regular-guy-bonhomie.

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