Thursday, September 10, 2009

Why Islam Will Never Rule Anything...

From the New York Times, this article on the difficulties of exercising in a hijab.

These types of stories are ample proof that despite the best efforts of Bin Laden, Khomieni or any other crackpot with a beard and turbin, of just why Islam will never rule anything.

It lives, it breathes, it flourishes in the past. It is unable to reconcile modern life, society, culture and technology with what is at heart a desert goat-herding nomad mindset, without twisting itself into logical and theological knots over 'problems' like this one.

They may outbreed us westerners, but they will never outlast us. They will be unable to maintain the technologically-advanced world that we might leave behind. It will rust, it will decay, and the Islamic world will eventually either starve to death, or kill itself with sectarian violence ignited because someone dared to ask whether it was really necessary to wear a Hijab while "Sweatin' to the Oldies".

(H/T to the Closet Conservative)

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