Tuesday, October 13, 2009

E.J. Dionne Should NOT be Offering Free Psych Advice..

Read this crap from E.J. Dionne, the closest thing to an actual female at the Washington Post, and then find something to throw up into.

The idea that political movements arise from actual social issues is not new. It's probably at least as old as Socrates, and this is really just E.J.'s attempt to spin democrats away from the oft-repeated mantra about opposition to Obama being based on racial prejudice and into a new-and-improved dialectic involving sociology and psychology. It is extremely transparent, and hardly original.

Secondly, while writing a poorly-reasoned piece on why opposition to a black man by white males is not exactly quite the same thing as racism while still hinting that it is, Dionne manages to use the words racial, racism or racist five times in one run-on sentence disguised as a paragraph, and something like 20 times in the whole essay. Giving credit where it's due, Dionne has decried the absence of racism (which he still believes exists, anyway) by continually making reference to race in the piece.

Finally, by advancing the idea that if Prezident Obama simply 'reached out' to the Angry White Males he might actually do something which truly would merit a Nobel Peace Prize, Dionne is falling into the same mental trap all dippy liberals manage to find themselves in. They believe that if you just choose to see the world as all rainbows and unicorns, it will actually become all rainbows and unicorns -- and when reality intrudes and proves that it isn't all rainbows and unicorns, reality should be ignored...or legislated out of existence.

Worse, Dionne is forgetting his recent history; Obama doesn't do Angry White Male outreach.

He does Angry Muslims.

He also does Angry African-American College Professors.

Those are more his speed. Angry White Guys just get tagged as Angry White Guys, even when they aren't angry. Then he invites them over for a beer and a cheap photo op after the public outcry.

To give Dionne some credit, however, he's right in this regard; the problem is basically economic in nature, and it results from the loss of work being suffered by the blue collar guys who actually do everything that makes this country worthwhile. The cure to this problem is to be found in tried and tested economic policies which Obama will not touch for ideological reasons, and so, that rift will continue to exist, and will eventually widen as Obama redistributes wealth and manages to not include the white guys he's robbing in the redistributing.

Which means more keggers for Angry White Men on the White House lawn, I guess.

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