Friday, October 09, 2009

Obama Wins Nobel Prize...

Did you ever get the feeling that, perhaps, the Nobel Prize has lost some of it's lustre?

I mean, they gave one to Jimmy Carter for getting two guys to shake hands, and another to Al Gore for making a movie full of lies. And now Barack Obama gets one for....? The standards are really slipping, aren't they? Are we getting to the point where a Nobel Prize can be found in every box of Cracker Jacks? Are they now little more than those little treats with gold foil sandwiched around a soft-chocolate center?

When you stop to consider that Obama is supposedly getting this award for his 'work' on the Iranian nuclear problem, three things leap immediately to mind:

1. I'm taking bets on just when Tel Aviv gets nuked. I figure it's sometime in the very near future thanks to the 'work' the President has done in reigning in Iranian nuclear ambitions. I'm almost positive that once the mushroom cloud appears over the Holy Land, the Nobel Committee will demand the prize back, right?

I'm also taking bets that on the same day the President accepts this 'prestigious award', the Israeli air force manages to drop some GPS-guided love on whatever Iranian targets it can find.

2. It's now official; Europeans are batshit crazy. Out-of-their-minds-cat-skinning-hopping-and-spitting-axe-murderer-crazy. So are their American copycats. This worship of Obama has gotten so far out of hand, and is so disgusting, that makes one want to vomit. People who are venerated by the great mass of the public used to have some kind of achievement behind them. Most past winners could point to some manner of tangible achievement. They are at least known and recognized for having done something first, besides being the highest-ranked elected black man in American history.

Considering Obama's competition in that election, and the circumstances under which that election were held, a three-legged billy goat with halitosis could have won.

In some circles, the man's race in relation to the past sins of American history count for far more than they ought to. In some quarters, it has elevated Barack Obama into a state of near-godhood. This is yet one more shred of evidence of that circumstance.

This is bad. This is the sort of stuff, the kind of fawning, drooling, knee-knocking, thoughtless, reflexive, baseless, stupid sort of worship of an unworthy figure that leads people to crash airplanes into aircraft carriers...or office buildings. That is, incidentally, not hyperbole. Ask Emperor Hirohito.

3. The Nobel Prize is absolutely worthless, if you can get one for doing basically nothing. The prestige has been torn off in recent years. If non-achievement and appeasement in the face of a religious fanatic with a WMD is now grounds for eligibility for a Nobel, then I should have had about 30 Nobel Prizes in my lifetime. I've achieved far more; I've learned to walk and chew gum at the same time. I can tie my own shoes. I know which fork to use with a salad. I'm getting a fucking lawyer, and I'm suing for the rightful recognition of my own special brand of mediocrity...and the checks that come with it! I know another 30,000 people, perhaps, who think they deserve one. If we're going to give them out for letting Ahmed-doo-wah-diddy-diddy-dum-diddy-doo continue to acquire WMDs, and deny the holocaust, with nothing more than a stern look and some mumbling of mealy-mouthed leftist boilerplate platitudes, then the guy who invented the Fried Twinkie should have gotten five Nobels!

I'm going to do some more research and reading on this today, and I'll be back with a better-formulated screed on the subject. Right after I finish vomiting.

Update: Geraldo Rivera calls this a 'good thing for America', believing that Obama's outreach to the Muslim world warrants international recognition. I'm taking up a collection to have Geraldo deported; anyone want to send me some cash? Video to follow.

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