Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pressed for Time Today...

No insanity for you today, as I'm up to my armpits in important personal stuff. Check this page tomorrow for some juicy stuff, including a new Bad Medicine screed, and Ten Reasons Why the Klan and Taliban Are Not the Same (in response to the King hearings two weeks ago).

So for today, you will have to be content with a mini-roundup of navel gazing on the pressing questions of the day: What Was That About Smart Diplomacy, Again? and What happens when you give the Children Matches and Car Keys?

I want to know what happened to all them anti-war protestors since we started bombing Libya for no reason anyone can adequately explain. Haven't seen a single aging hippie with a "No Blood for Oil" sign, nor a single Code Pink lunatic (more like Code Pork) protesting this 'war of choice'. George W. Bush was a warmonger with no Exit Strategy who was killing innocent civilians, but Barack Obama is an enlightened Savior, even if we can't tell who it is, exactly, we're shooting at and dropping bombs on.

I guess it's because we have the Arab League on our side (yeah, right. Check this and this), or because The One is never, ever wrong, because if he was, it might disprove or cause people to question that whole left-wing ideology thingy, and simply reinforce the prevailing notion that Lefties are a) retards, b) irresponsible retards, and c) lying, irresponsible retards.

Then again, maybe the whole thing is just some sorry excuse for a joke?

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