Friday, January 06, 2012


Sorry to break up the pity party, but I can't believe the outrage around the blogosphere and in my Twitter feed about Jakadrien Turner, the young lady who was mistakenly deported to Columbia by ICE agents in April of last year. There's all kinds of hate toward the ICE agents, the Columbian government, Houston police and the media for not treating it like they would a White girl in the same situation. If that's the argument, say that, but don't bash the agencies for doing their job.

I've read and re-read every piece of information available about this incident - ten, eleven times - because I wanted to be sure that I wasn't missing anything. If I am missing anything, somebody please let me know because all I see is a series of unfortunate events that she brought upon herself, and a bunch of people tripping on this girl's race.

At 14-years old, when she lived in Dallas, Jakadrien ran away from home. Her Grandmother said that her Grandfather's death and her parents' split-up drove her to do so. She ended up in Houston where she was arrested for theft. She didn't have an ID on her, so she did what anybody who doesn't want to get caught would do: give a fake name. Ahh, but the fake name was a real name indeed, belonging to someone who apparently earned deportation status.

So...she was deported.

After Columbian authorities couldn't find anything wrong on their end, she was released. She obtained a work card and has been there ever since. She's pregnant now and apparently has or had a steady boyfriend, as advertised on her Facebook page. I also understand they've detained her since our government has begun to show interest in her.

Jakadrien choose to lie about her identity. She even maintained her fake identity throughout the whole deportation process. It's not like she was arrested in Houston one day, then sent to Columbia the next day without a process. She could've called home then.

I mean, I understand her Granny being upset and everything, but Jakadrien seemed happy in Columbia up until the part where they began holding her again.

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