Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Understand This..
Read This post from Freeperville:


And then my response:

I'm pretty sick and tired of the rest of the world (and the whining panywaists in this country)that believe the solution to every issue is for AMERICANS to make the first move, for AMERICANS to make a sacrifice, for AMERICANS to make an attempt to understand.

Maybe it's about time the rest of the world tried to understand US for a change? After all, that seems to be the whole crux of the matter, isn't it, this lack of understanding?

I guess Westerners, and in particular, Americans perplex the Arab world so much that the only way to furtehr the cause of comprehension is to run an airliner into an office building. I'm reminded of the anology that states that if you try to teach a chimp to write, he eventually gets frustrated and stick the pen in your eye. That seems appropos here.

Americans have, in the past, attempted to save Arabs from other Westerners (Kosovo), from each other (Two Gulf Wars), from destruction and imperialism from other western nations (the French problems in Post-WWII Algeria, for example have their roots in the American belief in self-determination), or from Israel, as Western a nation as one is liable to find anywhere. Israeli restraint is directly tied to American diplomacy and aid, otherwise, there would be Synagoue in place of the Pyramids.

In the meantime, Americans have fed the world's hungry, invested in the oilfields of the Middle East and defended them with thier own blood, and have never asked for a blessed thing in return.

Ergo, chimps and writing implements.

If we wanted your resources, we could have stolen them in 1991, instead we went home, and now pay close to $2 for gas. If we wanted your land, we could have occupied it a million times over, instead we went home. If we wanted to destroy your culture, there would be a mushroom cloud over Mecca. Instead, the country that has the ability to wipe you off the planet, and doesn't, gets castigated as a morally inferior people, while yours do their level best to blow up daycare centers, because God told you to. I understand, already, how f***ked up YOU people are.

To the Arab world and their apologists, I say this: I can guarentee you that 9.5 out of 10 Americans cannot find Jordan on a map. I can further guarentee that 12 out of 10 wouldn't make an effort to find out where it was, unless Jordan somehow managed to get into the Super Bowl. None of us can tell the difference between a Sunni and Shi'ite, nor do we care. We don't have to -- we're Americans.

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