Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Boo Frickin' Hoo...
Lot's of news reports lately about "anti-Muslim" bias in America, especially in California. To this I say:

Are Muslims being rounded up and shipped off to camps?

Are Muslims being lined up and shot out of hand?

Have state, local and federal authorities been given permission to begin a systematic program of street executions?

Are mosques being blown up on a daily basis?

Are schoolbuses full of Muslim children being targeted for RPG's and suicicde bombers?

Are hospitals turning away people of obvious Middle-eastern extraction or Islamic tendencies and denying them emergency treatment? Surgery?

Is the US Government equipping, funding and encouraging Americans to strap explosives to themselves and blow up shopping centers frequented by Muslims? Is it adding rat poison, manure, caustic chemicals and possibly biological agents to the shrapnel from such devices?

Has there been a law passed stating that it is now illegal to buy, sell, trade in, import or export halal foods? Is there a law stating that new construction of mosques or any buiulding that could be conceivably used for the purposes of practicing the Muslim religion is expressly forbidden?

Is it illegal to read the Koran?

Are Muslims being killed in the streets, their bodies subject to desecration by rowdy crowds without jobs, and then hung from the Golden-Gate bridge?

Are American television stations showing hooded Muslims having their throats cut or their brains blown out by their captors/tormentors as an example of something to celebrate or emulate?

Are Catholics, Protestants and Jews issuing fatwas calling for the deaths of all Islamic nutjobs, the destruction of what passes for their culture and the complete erasure of their progeny and posterity from the face of the earth and claiming that God has commanded them to act that way?

Since the answer to all of the above is NO, I recommend that anyone who is complaining take a pork-fat enema and call me in the morning.
In case you haven't noticed; there's a war on. And while I'm positive that not all Muslims are of the fur-breasted, kill-the-Jews, Death-to-the Great-Satan variety, there will, of course, be those who cannot, or will not make the distinction --- in fact, I've written enough nasty stuff about Islam to claim membership in the latter, but that's only because I sometimes let my mouth engage before my brain. No excuse, but there ya go --- human nature at work.

It could be worse. After all, you could be a Halliburton truck driver trying to help rebuild a bombed-out country full of ungrateful masses of lunatics.

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