Monday, May 03, 2004

Pots and Kettles...I'm sure we're all shocked, SHOCKED, that American GI's have apparently been abusing Iraqi POW's. From what I can tell, this abuse has included:

-Making them stand naked in front of women.
-Having their pictures taken in compromising positions.
-Allegations of the use of electrical equipment in interrogations.
-Making them wear hoods when posing for photographs.
-Embarrassing them and denying them dignity.

This, of course, from people who have no compunction about ethnically cleansing their homelands of "apostates", Jews, and those that defy the strongman-du-jour. The same folks believe it virtuous and a reason for a party when they desecrate our dead, embarrass and humiliate our prisoners. The same critics who hold the United States Military to standards they won't even abide by, of course, have no problems with indiscriminately killing non-combatants who either happen to be in the way or who have (had) utility as human shields.

You know what? They should be overjoyed that their POW's haven't been fried, shot or gassed, because if they thought they could get away with it (and they often do), ours would be. We're somewhat handicapped in Iraq by the facts that reporters are everywhere, we're a free society that requires and demands audit of our troops and their actions, and laboring under the misapprehension that the other side will play nice if we do too.

Fallujah should have been leveled. Najaf should have been leveled. Iraq should have been leveled and Iran should be made unihabitable for even insect life for the next 10,000 years. Then perhaps Muslims that delight in the slaughter of 3,000 innocents, get bent out of shape by an Israeli fence, and routinely attack peole trying to supply them with food, medicine, order and basic services, would have a point.

Remember this: The United States has it in it's power to completely and permanently destroy what passes for Muslim civilization and doesn't. The United States has the ability to make sure that the only place that Arabic or Farsi can be spoken is in the deepest depths of Hell, and it restrains itself.

You guys cut men's throats or blow their brains out on television and call it justice. Your sense of propriety is completely warped, you know that?

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