Thursday, July 15, 2004

Useless Idiots...
I have a request to make of any would-be terrorists in the New York City area: if you do plan any sort of violent action during the Republican Convention, please direct it at NYU.

Anarchist and professional protest groups are giving their members instructions on how to disrupt everything in the city of New York during the time when GW and Friends will be putting on their dog and pony show. Everything from how to tie up traffic, to calling in false bomb reports, to leaving traces of explosive materials on subways to confuse bomb-sniffing dogs, to diverting emergency services from where they might be needed to engage in wild water-fowl chases.

This, they claim, is peaceful protest. This kind of stuff has the potential to get people killed, but that doesn't matter --- it's all about Bush anyway. This is what has become of the "opposition"; they have moved from nasty words, to callous, selfish deeds. And someone, somewhere, in the City of New York is going to pay for it -- an ambulance doesn't get somewhere it should be. A fire truck gets sent someplace when it's needed in another. A terrorist takes advantage of the confusion and blows up the Lincoln Tunnel.

Message to Mayor Bloomberg: give the NYPD permission to shoot these bastards on sight.

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