Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Finally, Perhaps, an Answer...
Recently i was complaining about the fact that I get the local newspaper delivered to me when I never asked for it. I also mentioned the fact that nobody ever comes around to get paid for it either. I kind of wondered if this was just someone with no brain in their head, a paper-trowing automaton, if you will, just a mistake, or if I had stepped into the Twilight Zone.

Leave it to John Derbyshire (NationalReview.com) to provide the answer for me! Derb's good for those sorts of things. Turns out, he too receives newspapers he never asked for nor pays for. Derb did some digging and found out that newspapers (allegedly) do this a sa way to boost circulation numbers -- i.e. they print more papers than neccessary and distribute the extras. And why do they do this? Boosting the circulation number ups the price advertisers must pay to put an ad in the paper! So, does it matter that the Charlotte Observer is sending me papers I'm not paying for? Heck no, because Wal-Mart is paying more for advertising!

Of course, it never entered anyone's head that if Wal-Mart pays more for advertising, then it stands to reason that I must pay more for goods at Wal-Mart, did it? If, and I say, if, the Charlotte Observer is engaged in such shennanigans, then shame on them. In fact, I think I just might call them on it.

I'll give you an update later on.

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