Wednesday, July 28, 2004

A Blogger's Hitlist...
I have been asked on a few (very few, mind you) occasions just what blogs I myself like to read. Well, here's a representative list of what I get into on a daily basis, complete with commentary:

1. - Glenn Reynolds (of fame) give us a daily roundup of all the good things on the web, and ads his own commentary. His site is so good that I can easily forgive him the sin of training would-be lawyers for a living. (
2. Porphyrogenitus - a fine writer, and an even better thinker, Porphy also rounds up the web and has an interesting series on the European Union. Currently, he's on hiatus (re re-enlisted inthe Army), but his archives are definitely worth scanning. (
3. FredOnEverything - Fred Reed is one of my all-time favorite bloggers, although I must admit, I don;t always agree with what he has to say. However, he seems to always find just the right way to say it, with a big dash of Southern common sense, and a big pinch of humor.
4. Best of the Web - James Taranto at the Wall Street Journal. They guy very rarely gets caught out, and is one of the few that can make politics fun. BOTW also has a daily roundup of what's happening around the world. A first-class site!
5. SteynOnline - Mark Steyn is one of the finest writers on the planet today, He has atalent for the turn of phrase and an impeccably logical way of thinking. He's funny, he's refreshing, and he's on the web! (
6. - a daily roundup of newspaper stories from around the world. Lucianne Goldberg is famous for two things: she stuck up for Linda Tripp and her son, Jonah, who writes for National Review, and very well, I might add. (
7. - the Web and Bill Buckley: it doesn't get any better than this. There's also a plethora of other writers on here that I enjoy immensely, such as John Derbyshire, Mark Steyn, Rich Lowry and Ramesh Ponnuru. ( It's a Conservative's dream!
8. Jewish World Review - a collection of columnists and religious writers from around the world. It has an all-star lineup (Ann Coulter, Larry Elder, Cal Thomas, Tohomas Sowell, just for starters), and is chock-full of links. (
9. - The web would be a dull, bleak and devestated landscape if it wasn't for James Lileks. If you've never heard of him, or read him, I implore you to do so. The man is a national treasure, or at least he should be. (
10. - the latest in political thought and humor from all ends of the universe. (
11. - a Conservative forum and daily roundup of world events. A little bit of something for everyone, and everyone gets to participate! (
12. My Side of the Swamp - Michael M. Bates gives us all a dose of common sense and a ton of Midwesterner humor that makes you wanna know just who was it that said Garrison Keiler was funny? Mike has got the goods. (
13. Andrew Sullivan - another very talented writer and a gay conservative, to boot! Mr. Sullivan manages to combine wonderfully concise writing with a very active and surgical brain. He's another guy I don't always agree with, but he sure as hell makes you think! (

I hope y'all will check some of these out and give yer brain some excercise. P.S., I think they're all fun, too, which is important. After all, most people consider reading a chore, don't they?


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