Friday, July 29, 2005

I Thought As Much...
Read a fantastic column this morning by Julia Gorin on Jewish World in which she was discussing the weird sort of mental disconnect that occurs in the aftermath of a terrorist bombing here in the West. There's some sort of virus floating around that causes some people to go into fits of apoplexy in the attempt to protect Muslims from consequences arising from the actions of their fellow Muslims (of the terrorist variety). It's quite an insightful column and, as always, Julia Gorin is a wit.

However, what caught my eye was this little paragraph near the end of the column:

"Finally, as more details emerge linking al Qaida and Iraq to the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, we begin to understand why authorities never caught the second man responsible: They were looking for John Doe when they should have been looking for Mohamed Doe. "

You know, I've always thought that Timothy McVeigh fried awfully fast. When you get down to it, his trial and execution all took place within a year. You can't get serial killers tried and convicted that quickly, nor pedophiles, but somehow, McVeigh was fast-tracked for a lethal injection.

Looking back, it seems that the powers that were in those days (The Most Ethical Administration in History!) were so enthused about the prospect of blaming McVeigh on Militias, Rush Limbaugh and Evangelical Christians that they seem to have forgotten something: like getting in formation. Truthful, verifiable information.

And now I know why Sandy Berger was sneaking documents out of the National Archives in order to destroy them: Did McVeigh give information to the authorities about Al Qeada or Saddam Hussein? Information that the Clinton Administration deliberately downplayed or willfully ignored? And why is it that Terry Nichols is still alive?

I can't make any accusations because I have no proof of anything. But it sure makes you scratch your head.

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