Thursday, February 16, 2006

Dick Cheney: Homicidal Maniac...
Concerning the White House Press Corps collective apoplexy and panty-bunching over the Cheney hunting accident;

1. This is Dick Cheney, not Charles Manson. You're repeated attempts to charicature Cheney as a "loose cannon", operating behind a screen of secrecy like Dr. No only serve to reinforce the public's notion that it is YOU who are divorced from reality, not the Viced President nor the general public.

2. The loci of this hissy fit seems to revolve not about the shooting itself, but rather the manner in which it was made public. That is, the White Hosue or the Vice President's Office did not follow the established protocol of issuing a press release through the customary channels, giving the preening yapping rectums of the Press Corps an opportunity to hammer Cheney for an entire weekend.

3. The real reason the press is interested in the minutest details of this case have more to do with the media jihad against anything Bush, republican or conservative than it does with the actual job of creating an informed populace.

4. As of today, preliminary investigations have cleared Cheney of any wrongdoing. In effect, ti was an accident. The same press that harps on Cheney's (thankfully to this point) non-lethal shooting mishap had no problem with giving Janet Reno a free pass when it came to incinerating 80 Christians in a Texas religious compund after a 51 day siege. Get your priorities straight.

5. If in fact Cheney is guilty of anything (beyond negligence), let's wait until that is difinitively proven before we start the feeding frenzy. But, once again, the issue is not the promulgation of the truth, it is about the oppportunity to mould and shape opinion into whatever form the press wants to.

6. A Vice President involved in a shooting is good for ratings. It's a scenario right out of "Law and Order". The longer the press can continue to generate a tempest in a teacup, the more the more money the networks generate.

7. I find it interesting that when Cheney did speak publicly, he did so through Fox News. The MSM will tell that is because Fox is a "conservative" network ready to take anythign the VP says as Bible truth. I say it's because Cheney knew that in the post-interview analysis he would get a fair shake. Take the fucking hint, David Gregory.

8. It's been said before, but bears repeating: I'd rather go hunting with Dick Cheney than driving with Ted Kennedy. There still has not been a satisfactory answer as to what Ted did, when he did it and how the public was informed about it. How about you clean out your own attic before you jump on Cheney for his.

9. The democratic (small 'd' intentional) party is so desperate for anything negative to hang on the Bush Adminstration that is only a matter of time before Cheney's accidental stepping on Harry Reid's foot becomes part of a sinister assassination plot.

10. If the media were all that concerned about truth, it would be telling some of it as regards the war on terror and the rebuilding of Iraq, despite the obvious problems we'd all expect there to be. Of course, that would require leaving the security of the Green Zone in Baghdad and getting out into the streets where you might get killed!

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