Thursday, February 16, 2006

Rotting From Within...
Regarding the Islamic riots over some Danish cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammed (Middle-east's version of Norm from "Cheers") as a bloodthirsty maniac:

If the shoe fits, wear it. Unless you're using it to beat a Danish flag or a statue of Hans Christian Anderson.

On a serious note; if there were still people who hadn't gotten the message that Islam is a degenerate, destructive, destabilizing force that will ultimately pull down Western civilization before it is checked, here was a glaring example. Denmark as Great Satan? Cartoons the basis for a global jihad?

Let's face it, there are very few (count 'em on the fingers of both hands) "reasonable" "moderate" Muslims. Anywhere. Perhaps there's one or two in a laboratory somewhere. On the one hand those lab subjects are the focus of medical research on how the West can clone more of them, or in Eastern circles, research into the genetic flaw that makes them that way. Take your pick.

What is totally lost on most people is that these riots in European capitals and American cities, as well, is the total hypocrisy, on one hand, of those who protest that their sensitivities and rights are being violated while they exercise them in the name of "protest", while demanding consideration and respect from those they are not willing to give either to. I'll be sensitive to the Prophet and your religious beliefs when you stop strapping explosives to yourselves and blowing up pizzerias or flying airliners into office buildings. Once we've established that extremely low level of mutual agreement, we can go forward from there.

Western civilization has taken yet another blow in the war against uncivil behavior. Tehre has been very little condemnation by civil society against the protests which are out of all proportion to the original "slight". Newpapers and media outlets, which all claim to be the champions of the "people's right to know" (see Dick Cheney brouhaha) have refused to show the offending cartoons in the "interests of sensitivity", in which case, how can there be anything approaching rational, reasonable debate on this subject when we don't even know what it's about? That platitude about "sensitivity" is really a code; "we don't dare reproduce them (the cartoons)because we don't want a protest of a bomb in return".

The riots that have more or less "spontaneously" erupted across the Middle East and other Islamic countries is nothing of the sort. The cartoons in question are over four months old and no one in the Middle East even knew they existed before they were publicized by an imam with an axe to grind and a thirst for publicity.

This yet one more example of how the West is failing to come to grips with unchecked Muslim immigration (in Europe) and the out-of-proportion regard for political correctness in this country. The question has been asked "Is an Islamic society capable of democracy?" The laboratory for this experiment is Iraq, and we'll know the answer in time. However, when we see the reaction to a bunch of cartooons in a very minor Danish newspaper, one starts to have his doubts. When one sees the retaliation by the Muslim press (publishing anti-semetic cartoons) one starts to wonder just how far removed from reality Muslims are; what does a Danish newspaper have to do with Jews?

And even that is interesting, in a way. Here we have a European, secular newspaper publishing "unflattering" material, and the first people to get blamed for it is the Jews. There's a seriously obsessive pre....ummm...occupaion (no pun inteneded) with the Jews. It's insanity and it seems to be genetic; there's no possible way that kind of hatred and mental disconnect can be taught. It simply must be an inherited trait.

Many times on this page I have advocated, as a solution to the problem of the Islamic Hordes, genocide ona scale never before seen. I have chided myself that writing and thinking such things is an infantile response to a serious problem and have often relented. After, once again, seeing how seriously demented the Islamic world is, I'm chiding myself for having second-guessed.

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