Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Two Americas and We Feel Your Pain...
Link from Drudge Report about a $28,500 a plate fundraiser being held for Barack Obama tonight:


Two things spring immediately to mind.

First, it's democrats (small 'd' intentional) who typically claim to be the champion of the Little Guy, you know, the guy who can't afford 28K to watch Barabara Streisand while eating gold-plated rubber chicken from diamond-studded platinum plates (the chicken and plates had better be gilded for 28k)? How one can make the argument that you serve the proletariat while your supporters obviously have so much money they don't-know-what-to do-with-it-all-except- watch-Babs-and-donate-scads-of-spare-cash-to-'the-(almost-lost)-cause'? After all, don't we all have a spare 28k to lend? And if not, shouldn't there be a government program to ensure that everyone does have a spare 28k? There's a contradiction here; republicans are supposed to be the party of The Rich. Somehow, it seems the democrats have become The Rich. How does that happen, and how does a committed democrat keep /hisher head from exploding trying to figure out how to justify it to all them poor folk /he/she's s'posed to be fightin' fer?

Secondly, it illustrates incredibly bad taste and a sort of shamelessness that is so utterly stupid, that you really start to question whether these people are thinking human beings. If you would lay out $28.5k to help 'Bama stay afloat for another few weeks (before he loses), then you're the sort who would attend a "Chateaubriand for Ethiopia" party, with no sense of shame. Or perhaps you'd arrive at an Earth Day celebration in your stretch SUV -- which will whisk you to your five-minute appearance to make an innocuous speech, and then whisk you back to your private jet -- so you can get back to your 32-room mansion that leaks electricity like a sieve, in imperial comfort, without a second thought about propriety.

When democrats lose the election this fall (it's almost assured, at this point, I think) they will invariably point to all the same bugaboos they have in the past to explain their defeats: Evangelical Christians came out in force, Republicans 'Swiftboated' their candidate and they didn't fight back, Republicans outspent them, the 'Merican people are too dumb to see that Obama was superior, etc, etc. One reason for defeat they will never recognize, however, is that it's damned hypocritical to complain that repebulicans are only concerned about The Rich and Big Business, and don't care about The Poor, and don't care about Mother Earth, while you shuttle to highly-publicized events like this one, spending on one night of entertainment and political rabble-rousing what some people don't even earn in an entire year.

For the last two weeks Obama/Biden have been out repeating the same mantra; John McCain is out of touch, John McCain has no idea what the average American's life is like, John McCain does not inhabit the same reality as everyone else.

Apparently there are no mirrors at Obama Central. If there were, they'd be forced to look at themselves.

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