Thursday, September 11, 2008

It Gets Worse...
The Left's criticism of Sarah Palin gets weirder and more vicious as the days pass. I wish I had the time to link to every bad thing that's been said, but there isn't enough bandwidth, and there's maybe an FCC rule against that sort of foul language.

The funniest part (if there is one) of this criticism, is that it's being delivered by people who would normally tsk-tsk the very notion of flinging invective, considering it beneath their station, and intelligence, to engage in common verbal mudslinging. Unless, of course, there's a presidential election to be won, and their side seems to be losing it.

Then, not only are they out in force slinging mud, they're out in legions flinging their psychoses around, too. It's as if the great mental constipation of the True Left was suddenly relieved by a dose of Ex-Lax in granny glasses, and all the foulness and dishonesty in the soul of a committed Leftists flows through the flapping rectum that is the collective mouthpiece of their cause: the media.

The problem seems to have affected the staff at Salon ( the worst. Here are two posts from Salon in which Sarah Palin is compared to Usama Bin Hidin', and another that purports to explain how she's really not a woman. A third post from Politico ( has a democratic state chairwoman saying Palin was only selected because she 'hadn't had an abortion." Really. I can't make this shit up, no matter how drunk I get.

Now, for sheer stupidity, here's one from someone who is supposed to be a professor -- a responsible position, no doubt, one where one can have enormous influence over young, malleable minds -- who writes for Newsweek, a supposedly responsible publication with a responsibility to inform the public of that which it should, reasonably, know. If my kids were in her class, I'd sue the University for child abuse, and then burn down every newsstand that sold Newsweek.

Dennis Miller summed it up nicely last night on the O'Reilly Factor (paraphrasing): "This chick is in their melons..." The panic is fun to watch, but the vitriol is frightening. As a society, we'd better start reigning these folks in, and then somehow find a way to bring intelligence and reasonableness back into our public discourse.

A good start might be beating the people who write slop like this into a coma...

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