Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Keith Olbermann is a Ninny, Part II...
Heh. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy, really. For anyone who doesn't know, Keith Olbermann is the host of (P)MSNBC's Countdown, a show in which Keith pretends to be delivering news and opinions on the events of the day, but which really serves as that network's version of Comedy Central's The Daily Show, inasmuch as the point is not to convey meaningful information but to lampoon conservatives and/or republicans.

Only Keith isn't as funny as John Stewart, and his main shtick is taking a gaffe or petty foible and turning it into an essay on the hypocrisy of (republican) man, delivered with the sneer of a metrosexual whose banana hammock is just a bit too tight, under a bewildering array of invective which could have been written for Keith by any third-grader. It is painful to watch, and it's annoying. Olbermann gives one the impression that he's simultaneously sitting on his vibrator and having lemon juice poured into an open wound.

Anyways, Keith's chief cause is in trying to convince you that republicans are dumb, and he usually does this by calling their qualifications and bona fides into question. Well, now Keith's been caught in his own web, courtesy of Ann Coulter. You can read it here, lifted from the web pages of Human Events.

It's exquisite.

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