Monday, March 23, 2009

Reason #2506 Why Your President is an Asshole...Smart Diplomacy.
This was supposed to be the administration which was going to restore and strengthen America's old alliances. It was going to extend the hand of friendship to old adversaries, and make America liked and respected around the world again. The Adults, we were assured, would be back in charge of foreign policy, armed with a new brand of "smart diplomacy".

Guess not.

In the 60 days that Obambi has been in office he has:

* Given an interview on Arab television which was widely panned, and denounced as a sign of weakness.

*Basically told Moscow we won't build a missile defense system, giving Russia the green-light to bully Eastern Europe, and taking away any incentive they may have had for helping us prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons.

* Told Israel to basically go fuck itself by committing $1 billion American dollars (that we could use here, because the guys at Citigroup didn't get their bonuses yet) to help rebuild the Palestinian territories destroyed by Israel in the latest skirmish. A skirmish caused by the Palestinian hobbies of lobbing explosive rockets and mortar shells into Israeli settlements, and walking into crowded areas, like shopping malls or public transport, while wearing TNT boxer shorts for the express purpose of blowing themselves up.

* Sent a YouTube Message to the people of Iran, which the Mullahs and the kook they call president responded to with derision, and a promise to complete building a nuclear reactor (which may produce fissile material) by the end of the year. Not only that, but he offers a holiday greeting in Farsi (I guess so he can look cool, and you know, relate to the ragheads), forgetting that there's a tin-foil-hat wearing minority in this country who believes he's really a Muslim Manchurian Candidate, and who will say that proves it!

* Insulted the British Prime Minister and people by treating him in a most disrespectful fashion, denying him even the most basic amenities that a visiting head of state has come to expect from a visit with the President, sending back a gift which was given to us at a time when the British wished to express unity with the American people, and then sent Gordon Brown home with extremely cheap and thoughtless gifts which the man can't even use.

* Sent the Secretary of State to China to beg for continued financing of the US National Debt, while all-but-signalling an American willingness to forget all about human rights issues. The Chinese government (the Communist Chinese government!) responded by lecturing the President on economics and capitalism. Not long afterwards, Chinese boats started messing with unarmed US Naval vessels in international waters, letting Joe Biden know that he was right; Not only will the world test this douche bag, they intend to feed him a steady diet of wedgies, Wet Willies and Noogies, knowing he won't and can't do a damned thing about them.

* The Secretary of State shows up in Moscow with a gag-gift which is not only completely puerile and unfunny, but which contains a misspelling so egregious that it begins to look like the there's not a single person in the State Department that speaks Russian anymore. I could have Googled the Russian word for "Reset" better!

That's just to start. Now we have this:

Obama Upsets Sarkozy With Letter to Jacques Chirac. (H/T to Gatewaypundit.)

Apparently, not only is there a dearth of Russian speakers-an'-Googlers in the State Department, but they can't even tell Ol' President YesWeCan who the President of France is! You know, France? Our oldest ally. I'm telling you, the level of incompetence in this administration is appalling, and the excuse that it's only 60 days in, doesn't wash; we're talking about matters of common sense and detail here. The results to date do not point to a restoration or strengthening of America's alliances, nor does it bode well for peace in the world.

This Dude is in waaaaaaay over his head.

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