Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Scales Have Fallen From Their Eyes...
Pity the lefty press. Their adulation for The Won, their schoolgirl-pantycream-puppylove-crush, is now officially over. Barring some miracle, President HopeandChangeYouCanBelieveIn has been revealed as the Emperor without Clothes. The Press which did such a wonderful job in the election of covering for this man, have now discovered that they simply cannot continue to provide the same level of camouflage as they did before.

It's too obvious: he doesn't know what he's doing. He's in over his head. He relies too much on people who have 'been-there-done-that', only those people don't know what they're doing, either. It's the Presidency of Whine; "I inherited this...", "Everyone's a critic...". Reduced to trying to be self-deprecating, but failing terribly because it stumbles over it's own political correctness and poor taste, vis-a-vis the Special Olympics 'joke' on Leno. The best summing-up of this phenomenon I've heard to date, is a joke; even Jesus could build a cabinet. Remember that kerfuffle in the campaign between Obama and Sarah Palin, about lipstick and pigs? The analogy was apt: Barack Obama is Jimmy Carter in fresh lipstick.

The Press Corp rats are now abandoning the S.S. YesWeCan. Below is a round-up of some of the most prominent lefty...ahem...journalists who are amongst the first overboard. You just know you're a dead man walking as a leftist hack when both Frank Rich and Paul Krugman abandon you, and one of them refers to your last week in office as your 'Katrina Moment'.

America, get used to the fact that the man who inhabits the White House now is officially a caretaker. He's politically dead, and the burial is just a matter of time. He can talk all he wants, he can pontificate, he can drag his teleprompter from coast-to-coast, but it will avail him nothing. He has become, far from the symbol of American unity and promise that he was back in January, a very bad and painful joke.

The New York Times premier lefty snobs, Rich and Krugman. The Newser's Michael Wolff takes the O-Man apart in that terribly condescending tone lefties adopt when speaking to the peasantry. The New York Post openly mocks the Prez and his inability to speak contemporaneously (wasn't that something the left used to crucify GWB for?)

UPDATE: More from the NY Post on Obambi's Worst Week Ever, here.

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