Sunday, August 02, 2009

Conspiracy Theory is Simply History for Stupid People...

Re: All the recent hub-bub about Barack Obama's birth certificate: Stop already. You're giving some of us (republicans) headaches, and making the rest of us (republicans) look dumb, playing right into the hands of a certain section of the political left which actually believes we (republicans) are a bunch of Bible-thumping yahoos incapable of rational thought -- talk about pots calling kettles black? These are the people (leftists) who demand lock-step group-think, not us. We're better than that.

All conspiracy theories eventually bump up against the brick wall of reality. The more persistent manage to soldier on, and those who have an interest in advancing them will continue to smash their craniums against this metaphorical wall until they emerge battered and bloody and looking foolish, but they will remain unencumbered by shame. They will continue with their stupidity in the same way that an alcoholic will continue to drink long after he's destroyed his life; they simply can't help themselves. The smart people stop, step back, evaluate the situation, and then make rational decisions to stop drinking, or in this case, to stop espousing nonsense in place of valid argument.

Those who don't, or won't, stop such self-destructive behavior usually wind up killing themselves, literally in the sense of an alcoholic, or, in this case, figuratively, as a political movement. In both cases, the ones who get hurt the most are usually those who happen to simply be in the splash zone of the stupidity.

The simple fact is that conspiracy theories are usually provably false. Provided one can be objective, this premise doesn't even need a defense or demonstration.

The fact we're dealing with here, is that if Barack Obama is indeed some form of Manchurian Candidate, created so as to bring Socialism to American shores, it's a pretty incredible conspiracy; whoever set it in motion would have to a) select someone who hadn't even been born yet to be the point man (straw man) for the plot, b) purposely and secretly direct the man's life in such a way so as to put him in a position to see the plan through, c) be so incredibly prescient so as to correctly divine the political and social currents of American life, and then be able to use his selected tool at precisely the proper moment in history to have seen the plan to it's fruition.

So far as I know, the only being capable of doing that, even by the admission of most of the Birthers, is God. Therefor, one could make an argument that if there was a conspiracy, then the Almighty is the one who executed The Plan; otherwise, control of all the circumstances which brought President Hopenchanger to power are beyond the control of mere mortals, no matter how smart or insidious.

In any case, Barack Obama will be gone in a little over three years, barring some tremendous and as yet unseen events (which the Birthers will conveniently bundle into their Conspiracy Theory) and so it would seem to me that the best course of action is simply this:

Expend your energies into ensuring that something remains of American culture, and that freedoms survive the Obama Experiment after he's gone, Why waste your time and effort trying to prove something true that is so obviously false? If your excuse is that the very fact that there is some question (there really isn't) as to his citizenship in and of itself constitutes an Obama 'weakness', and that it should be pursued for it's own sake, then your own thought processes and motives are called into question. Particularly when you treat the people on your own side who disagree with you as if they were the enemy, too.

Update: Andrew McCarthy at National Review makes a compelling (and reasonable) case as to why this matters. Note, however, that it was already known that Obama was a liar to anyone capable of breathing without mechanical assistance, and we didn't need Andrew McCarthy to delve as deeply into the bullshit as he did to confirm it. Still, it's a fairly decent read.


ddadmin said...

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Matthew said...

ddadmin, you are perfectly free to spend your time as you wish, but is this truly a productive endeavor?

I can promise you that you will most likely achieve the sort of success that Buckhead (and that other dude) did when he busted Dan Rather on the fake Bush desertion memos. I realize this was an awesome moment for the FreeRepublic types, but it's not likely to be recreated with regards to this issue.

Do something more constructive: like figure out how to take back Congress in 2010, and the White House in 2012, without having to shoot anyyone or depend upon divine intervention.

Matthew said...

Excuse me, that should have been "most likely NOT achieve the sort of success..."

Matthew said...

Excuse me, that should have been "most likely NOT achieve the sort of success..."