Friday, August 07, 2009

The Enemies List...

This past week, the White House has asked that it's supporters report on their friends, neighbors and relatives who disagree with them on anything the Obama administration does. They especially wish to know about people who propagate "fishy" information on healthcare ("fishy" being defined as any fact, opinion, speculation, graph, e-mail, letter to the editor, diary entry and probably private conversation and pillow talk which would tend to cast aspersions upon Barack Obama and his policies). Those whom you might consider to be potential enemies of the State are to be reported to the White House directly at

We seem to be importing a lot of Germanic policies these days: Cash for Clunkers was a copy of a German policy, and now creating a network of informants is on the menu. Next week: Mandatory goose-stepping.

Anyways, it seems as if the Community Organizer in Chief doesn't like the democratic process unless he's running and profiting from it. And it also appears as if he has a very, very thin, post-racial skin when it comes to legitimate criticism. The Left in this country is getting a dose of it's own medicine at the Heathcare Town Hall meetings, and not just on that topic either, and finding it a most bitter pill to swallow. So, those who persist in running down The One and His Most Holy Programs will be reported to the Secret Police deep in the bowels of the White House. They must be watched...for our own good.

Paging Mr. Orwell...Paging Mr. George Orwell...

Not only is this an egregious violation of civil liberties -- remember them; George W. Bush and John Ashcroft supposedly destroyed those, creating the need for a The Savior in the first place? It's illegal; whatever happened to the First Amendment? (probably the same thing that's happened to the Second). It's immoral, but then again, spending more money than you can print and lying about it is too, and that doesn't seem to faze this White House, either. The up-side? The 'program' is, after all, entirely voluntary...for the good little Nazi who turns you in. Not for you, if you happen to be the one reported on. The Generation that destroyed a culture with protests (the Nancy Pelosis, Harry Reids John Kerrys, Barbara Boxers et. al.) now objects to protests directed against them.

Not noly do I want to protest openly in the public square, venting my spleen at anyone who will listen, I WANT TO BE ON THAT ENEMIES LIST.

Yes, I WAN'T to be on that list. I want to be attacked by the White House and MSNBC. I want my chance to tell Barack Obama to perform anatomically-impossible reproductive acts, and to tell Keith Olbermann that he should be the poster child for oral sex. I want to, metaphorically, kick Nancy Pelosi in her cast-iron testicles. I want the attention that being an enemy of the State brings, because only then does anyone take you seriously. I want to be the Political Milk-Carton Kid; the victim of the overreaching, overzealous, overbearing Federal Gestapo, especially the one that is as incompetently -run as this one is shaping up to be. So, here's a list of stuff that ought to get me on that list:

* Barack Obama is a big, dumb poopyhead!
* Obama is so lame, he had to get Bill Clinton to rescue American Hostages!
* Healthcare 'reform' is simply is scam to get insurance to people who can't afford it, and people who deserve it, by getting rid of those useless old folks!
* Barack Obama is a racist!
* Barack Obama couldn't find his own ass with both hands and a road map!
* Joe Biden is really the smart one!
* Bet you all wish Hillary won now, huh?

Someone out there, please, please, PLEASE report me! I would report myself, but that would be lame.

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