Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dodd and Conrad Cleared by Ethics Committee...

Two Senators at the heart of mortgage scandals wherein they've received preferential treatment from providers while the industry they were supposed to watch began the process of implosion, have been cleared of any wrongdoing by the Senate Ethics Committee (three lies for the price of one).

Chris Dodd has promised, for over a year, to release the documents pertinent to this investigation, and has not. I'm not certain what Conrad has done, if anything, to even defend himself against the allegations. I don't know if either man is actually guilty as charged, and frankly, don't give a shit; that's a matter for a criminal court, but there's a more important principle at stake here -- how can we trust Congress when it can't, obviously, police itself? How could we have expected any other outcome from the Senate Ethics Committee?

Neither of these men should be re-elected. Both should be prosecuted, if there's evidence of a crime.

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