Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hillary's Menstrual Moment...

Poor Hillary Clinton. I'm shocked at myself for even writing that, believe me.

YouTube video: here.

The Secretary of State snaps at a translator who miscombobulated a question from an African student, and lets loose with a tirade about her husband, that Rock-of-Matrimonial-Gibraltar, and all-around swell guy. The explosion was all about Hillary: I'm the Secretary of State! My Husband is nobody! Who cares what he thinks?

Her "spokespeople" said she was just jet-lagged. Tired and shagged out after a prolonged squawk, as it were. I think the cracks are showing. Her husband's new-found respectability and gravitas for having "rescued" two journalists from Kim Il-Jong, notwithstanding. Hillary has finally discovered what those of us who could walk and chew gum at the same time already knew when she was nominated for this job:

She was only offered it so that she'd be out of the Senate. Obama couldn't keep her there, with the ability to affect, or even speak against, his policies. Better to make her a Cabinet Member, with no legislative pull, no policy juice, and no real power...but who can then be fired (it will be dressed up as "The President asked for her Resignation) when convenient. Whenever anything really important on the diplomatic front needs to be accomplished, President Obama will probably work through other democratic party foreign-policy Bill Clinton, or god help us, Jimmy Carter...and Hillary will be kept out of the loop. The precedent has been set.

I don't blame her for being pissed. But when you're stupid and greedy enough to give up a Senate Seat to be in the cabinet of a political parvenu, you have to live with your decisions. Did you really think that you were going to lend gravitas and an adult appearance to the Obama Circus by your presence in the Cabinet? Were you really naive enough to believe that "Secretary of State" to a President whose foreign policy seems to consist of begging every tin-pot shithead dictator's forgiveness for the sin of being American, and then offering his asshole for their carnal pleasure would be a great launching point for another Presidential Run?

More fool you. You got played, Baby. I almost pity you...except that your own ambition helped lead you here.

Poor Hillary will have to console herself with this set of facts: she'll get to go to all the quaint little diplomatic photo ops, and Potemkin displays, she'll get all the perks of her office, but she'll never, ever get to accomplish anything of note. If she ever appears to be on the cusp of accomplishing anything, she will be fired. The entire thing is engineered to ensure that come 2012, she will still have an empty resume.

And that was the plan all along

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