Friday, September 04, 2009

Some People are Just THAT Stupid...

Via the Closet Conservative. Israeli 'artists' defile the Virgin Mary.

Frankly, as a (nominal) Christian, I'm not particularly offended on the grounds that anyone who could produce such 'art' is probably too stupid to breathe without government assistance, and further, on the premise that what passes for 'art' nowadays has nothing to do with expression and everything to do with marketing and shameless self-promotion. Since the 'artistes' themselves seem very stupid and shallow people who (to judge by the article) are only very dimly aware of what they do, they can be forgiven the sin of being pinheads.

What *does* offend me, however, is the all-too-obvious implication that Christians are on the same moral level as Muslims.

I'm not implying that Christianity has pristine hands with regards to it's violence and intolerance. However, in today's upside-down world where the ability to shock and offend is somehow equated with 'courage' you couldn't ask for a much safer target; I can promise you there won't be any Christian clerics issuing fatwas and death threats, or inspiring morons with TNT boxer shorts and a death wish to show up on your doorstep.

It's not art, it's not intelligent, and unfortunately, both artists will be internationally acclaimed for it. But then again, the people who will give them such high praise hardly matter, being nonentities possessed of less substance than a hole in the air, i.e. Leftists.

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