Tuesday, September 01, 2009


I'm coining a new term today: Waaahnity.

Waaahnity is the quality of being vain and petulant in the pursuit of a personal goal, often appearing ridiculous in the process, while still insisting that others should take you seriously.

Someone suffering from Waaahnity simply demands whatever it is they want, regardless of whether or not it makes sense, and throws a public tantrum until they either get it, or they find something else to cry about (suffers tend to have short attention spans and are easily distracted by shiny stuff). The point of the whole exercise is at this very moment, whatever if is the Waaahnity-sufferer wants must be granted, immediately, or there shall never be any peace. The Waaahnity victim will proceed to annoy you forever; belittling you and you beliefs, obstructing your own desires, annoying you in every possible way they can think of, corrupting our institutions along the way. If they can't be happy, why should anyone else be?

I would say that the Waaahnity principle is perhaps the cornerstone of all leftist political theory. According to George Orwell, all leftists suffer from a virulent strain of narcissism which is the launching point for all the gobbledygook we refer to as "ideology". They consider themselves to be the most (choose one or more):


people on the planet (usually without any evidence of such), who then wind up bitterly disappointed that no one else has noticed their superior qualities. As a result, they set out to gain some measure of revenge against the society which first failed to notice their superiority, and then appeared to have absolutely no use for them.

So they become communists. Or gay. Usually both. That's Waaahnity in action.

So, President Obama describing his political opponents as unabashed racists, God-and-gun-clinging losers and selfish ,un-American reactionaries who are standing in the way of true progress and social justice, while being unable to point to any proof of his accusations, or give clarity to any of his policy positions, suffers from Waaahnity

The deciding factor is that The Won cannot do what he wants to do because average American citizens have decided they've had just enough profligate spending an government control of anything, thank you. And when they stand up to assert their rights, they're assailed with epithets like "fake", "Nazi", "astroturf", "thug" by the Waaahnity Brigade of Obama, Pelosi and Reid.

There is but one cure for Waaahnity, and that is good men and woman deciding that they've had enough. Waaahnity very quickly dissipates in the face of simple principled resolve.

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