Thursday, September 24, 2009

Youth is Wasted on the Stupid...

Re: The G20 riots in Pittsburgh. Here's a report from the Associated Press.

Look, we all know that people have the right to assemble and protest, and as long as no laws are broken, all the better. I don't have an issue with college idiots gathering to protest capitalism (it's their prerogative, even if they're seriously misguided) as much as I wonder about just what the hell these people are thinking. I mean, don't they teach them anything about irony in college?

Here you have a mass of people who are protesting the very system that allows them to protest. What's more, I wonder how many of them notice how stupid it is to protest the capitalist system while most, if not all of them, are carrying cell phones, taking photographs of each other, videotaping the event, texting their friends during the marches, Twittering, wearing Urban Guerrilla chic (the de rigeur black clothing, Che Guevara tees and balaclavas, produced in China by people making 4 cents an hour), attending a protest that was most certainly organized using the printing press, the Internet, cell phones, Blackberries, and i-phones. Oh, and the first establishment to have it's windows broken is the Starbucks or McDonald's where a great many of the protesters probably had their double-caramel mocchiata, or Egg McMuffin a few hours before they decided the store was an evil threat to World Peace.

These kids mostly go to these things to play at revolutionary. They are (mistakenly) attracted by the supposed romance of the disaffected, but deeply concerned figure, striking a blow for equality, fairness and The Masses. You just know the great majority of these idiots come from solidly middle-class families (Marx's bourgeoisie), many of whom pay exorbitant amounts of cash to send them to a so-called 'institution of higher learning'. There, they are constantly bombarded with nonsense disguised as scholarship and indoctrinated by aging hippies. Breaking a store window or chucking rocks at police cars is not legitimate protest; it's destruction of property and assault with a deadly weapon. But no worries; they're insured, right? Oh wait! Insurance is another product of wicked, insensitive, eco-deadly capitalism, isn't it?

Those aging hippies, incidentally, are the ones who once believed they could stop a war and bring social justice by dropping acid, blowing up government buildings, and adopting a hedonistic lifestyle. How well did that work out for them?

It seems to me that if you wish to 'change the world' you could find better role models than Professor Smith, who's only claim to fame was that he managed to become stoned enough to get lost on the way to Woodstock...somewhere in Iowa, But he'll still tell you that he sat front row-center for the event, anyway. Baby Boomer's can't help themselves; they all claim to have been there, and they feel as if they're some kind of outcast amongst their peers if they can't claim to have actually attended. It's one of the reasons I'd be happy to vote for any Health care plan that promises to euthanize anyone born between 1946 and 1960 -- and then harvest their organs.

Anyway, back to these kids...

If one of my retarded offspring showed up at one of these events, I would break a Starbuck's window myself -- by tossing him right through it. Then I'd disown the little bastard and tell him to make his own way in the world. Since he's so much smarter and caring than the rest of us, this should be no problem whatsoever. Let's see how big an issue he has with capitalism when he has to feed himself with his own resources. That revolutionary bullshit would fly right out of his head.

Civilized people don't behave this way (note: The Tea Party protesters don't entice the police with riot gear to fire tear gas at them, nor do they organize marches without getting the legal permission and permits to do so), and they also don't miss the blaring stupidity inherent in a 'movement' which couldn't possibly exist without the underpinnings and products of both capitalism and democracy -- the very things these drooling nose pickers are protesting.

It's hard to take you seriously, Children, when I'm laughing at you. Grow up.


Anonymous said...

Hey look ! A blogger born on 3rd base who thinks he hit a triple.

You're a douche.

The 3 richest people in the World own more wealth than the poorest 48 nations. Wake up.

Matthew said...

Dear Anonymous,

Since you've made the erroneous assumption that I was 'born on 3rd base and hit a triple' solely based upon my post, I'll make a few (probably-accurate) assumptions about you based solely upon on your reply.

A. You're a coward, since you've called me a douche and then wouldn't sign your name to it. At least when I call someone a name, they know who did it and where to find me.

B. You're an idiot who believes that calling someone a 'douche' anonymously is meaningful debate, and

C. As I heard two of your even dumber compatriots tell it on TV last night, the number was the 450-something richest people who own more than the 48 poorest nations. Oh, and by the way; 48 of those wealthy folks happen to be the (so-called) leaders of those 48 poorest nations. Get YOUR facts straight. You people can't even manage to puke up the same pablum two days in a row.

Capitalism and democracy work. You're vision of the world doesn't. When you grow up, you'll see.


Matthew said...

P.S. Anonymous,

I notice yoiu didn't respond to yesterday's post about immigrants and capitalism. I'll bet you didn;t even read it. If you had, you would have seen how wrong you truly are.