Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cheap, Overpriced Crap you Don't Need...Now in HD!

Something that truly troubles me; this morning, the local Cable TV monopoly ran an advertisement from the Home Shopping Network, in which a perky little nymphette with a presumably-empty head, and an annoying, Irish-setter-like enthusiasm, simply gushed with manufactured excitement over the fact that viewers can now get the Home Shopping Network in fabulous hi-definition!

Because, you know, Diamonique looks so much more authentic in HD. But I digress...

High-Definition Shopping. The mind recoils at the very thought. I'm also wondering what marketing genius got a great big raise for stepping forward in a meeting and saying "You know, we should really push this Hi-Def thing, and let people know we're the most innovative, hi-tech and modern purveyor of cheap crap no one needs at ridiculously high prices."

And worse, someone actually though that was a good idea, and ordered that it be made so.

Even more ridiculous, someone at the Cable Company decided that they should run advertisements trumpeting the fact that you can buy knick-knacks on TV in Hi-Definition, and spinning it as yet another reason why Cable TV is just so gosh darn superior to those satellite folks.

You know that the apocalypse is upon us when someone decides that the general public is really stupid enough to fall for something as obviously retarded as Home Shopping Network, and then dumber still to swallow it in HD.

Sport in HD? Yes. Porn in HD? Hell yeah! But the Snuggie....?

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