Friday, November 20, 2009

A Message for the So-Called Feminists...

Either you stand for the rights and dignity of all women, or you stand for none.

Serial-rapist (allegedly) Bill Clinton was defended against his accusers with a near-menstrual fury, but a woman (and her daughters) can be savaged in the media, almost daily, and nary a word is said int heir defense by their sisters because they actually believe (and live) the opposite of what Bill Clinton and Gloria Steinham merely profess.

In true Saul Alinsky fashion, I accuse the feminists of being incapable of living up to their own beliefs. Their ideology trips all over their dogma. You should defend this woman, raise the hue and cry, wave the colors, because she is one of you. In fact, she's more 'one of you' than most of you are. She actually has lived, and achieved, what you all preach is the ideal.

But because she doesn't to hold your insane and self-destructive ideology, she doesn't attend the same smart cocktail parties you do, she didn't attend the 'right' schools, because she had the temerity to actually give birth (and five times? Is she crazy?), refusing to murder her 'diseased and burdensome' child, to have a career AND a family, to marry that which according to you doesn't exist -- a supportive husband, because she doesn't see a rapist/abuser behind every tree and shrub and shriek in terror and demand federal funding and extra-constitutional rights for it, you ostracize her. You join the chorus of derision. Your own jealousies are evident. When one of you does speak your own salvos at the woman are even more petty and vicious than most (see: Naomi Wolff), and do greater harm to your cause than you obviously realize.

Only a feminist or a democrat (small 'f' and 'd' intentional) could be that blatantly hypocritical and still expect, nay, still demand, to be taken seriously.

Either you feminists should live up to your own ideals and come to the defense of Sister Sarah, or you should shut the fuck up about 'patriarchal oppression' and get back in the kitchen.

Failure to defend this woman spells the end of your empty philosophy and the death of your 'movement'.

Update: More stuff for 'feminists' to get up in arms about: earlier this week, a government-appointed 'Health Care' board 'suggested' that perhaps y'all are getting way too many mamographies, and today, they 'suggest' that maybe you're getting way too many pap smears, too. But don't worry; Harry Reid will somehow make certain that you can get a government-funded abortion.

First, it was gutting Medicare, possibly killing elderly women, and this week, it's about letting younger women who may be saved from the ravages of cancer with early detection die as a 'cost savings' which will be used to ensure that more women get killed, only this time, in the womb while they're still just an 'extraneous clump of cells'. You see what your so-called advocacy gets you when it's wedded to a selfish and ridiculous political ideology instead of logic?

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Greasywrench said...

Well said Matthew. I truly believe most critically thinking folks have believed the same about feminists for years. They just didn't want to be labled as mysoginyst or be attacked for speaking up. I do think the Palins and even the Islamofacists (via Sharia law) have done Conservatives and the World a great service by exposing feminism as the fraudulent movement it actually is.