Friday, June 04, 2010

The Trouble With Group Therapy, Part II... that it very often makes you even more disgusted by your fellow human beings. I've quit this particular course because I've finally discovered that on a Crazy Scale of 1-to-10, I'm somewhere around a 2 -- and every one else there should be taken out and sterilized.

My major issues are "cured" (in the sense that any mental illness is ever really cured). I just haven't reliazed it until now. In part I think that's because the modern psychotherapy actually encourages people to assume a fetal position for far longer than is actually necessary or healthy, and that once you accept the concept of "sickness" it all-too-readily becomes an excuse. My problems have been mostly cured by time; no more Anxiety, no more Agoraphobia, and what was left over has now been put in it's proper perspective by close contact with people who are in far worse mental shape than I am, or perhaps ever was.

It was quite the scene, my announcement that I would not be back. I had no idea that people were forming emotional ties with me -- except for the "therpaist", who probably saw me as another potential convert to her perverted Cult-disguised-as-Christianity. That, after all, was he purpose of offering "free" therapy in the first place; gaining converts. But I digress...

There were tears (not mine, of course. My tolerance for those folks was already pretty low, and was not improved by several months of close contact and dirty laundry airing). There was even
some anger; somehow, I had managed to make myself an example to a few of the people there, although I hadn't "shared" much, and they were taking their "strength" from me -- that's when you KNOW you have to get out; anyone who looks to me for guidance is certainly crazier than I am, and when they start to express feelings of severe disappointment -- with bulging eyes -- well, let's just say the decision to leave starts to look like one of my more rational choices.

I'm looking forward now, and the Past is finally well-and-truly buried.

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