Friday, June 25, 2010

What Else Should You Do With a Kid in a Laundromat?

If the new $1.60 tax on a pack of smokes wasn't outrageous enough, now we find out that many city laundromats have been installing (illegal) cut-rate slot machines! Many of these laundromats,incidentally, happen to be in "low-income" (read: Deadbeat) neighborhoods, and while the machines are illegal, since enforcing the law will eventually mean "taking cops off the street" (in New York, everything eventually means "taking cops off the street" or "teachers out the classroom"), it wouldn't surprise me if the City and State didn't find away to just say "Fuck it!"... and then tax that, too. Of course, pretty soon all we'll hear is how "the poor" are being preyed upon by these machines, and the Children are getting hooked on gambling.

Within a week, there will be a story in the Daily News about some 12 year-old who has gunned down his classmates for their quarters, so he could get his laundromat fix on. It'll almost be safer to walk the streets of Harlem -- at 3 a.m., stark naked, "Rob Me!" written across your forehead in fluorescent ink, and with an asscrack full of $100 bills -- then it will be to enter a laundromat with loose change in your pocket.

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