Friday, August 20, 2010

Pakistan is Flooded...

The devastation is great. Thousands dead. Millions homeless. Property damage in the billions.

I've never had so much fun in all my life!

If it were left up to me, Pakistan would be washed away, erased, as befits the biggest mistake of British Foreign Policy Evah. I guess your phony-baloney God is really looking out for ya, huh? So far as I'm concerned, the destruction hasn't been great enough because there's still Pakistanis left alive.

Anything that kills homicidal maniacs by the thousands is just fuckin' ducky in my book. I hope it rains for another year.

Of course, the calls to"Help the Victims" of the Pakistani floods have already begun, but I'm inclined to turn a deaf ear on them, or at the very least, would think to make any aid this country might give, official or through private charities, contingent upon a single, non-negotiable condition:

You will not get as much as a fucking Saltine without first handing over Usama Bin Laden.

The Pakistani government knows where he is. In fact, they help hide him, they support him, and merely pretend to be helping us in the fight against Al' Qaeda so that the flow of American military and economic aid may continue...which is basically the entire Pakistani economy, unless you count the Fly and Lice Markets, or consider Body Odor to be an economically-viable export.

I wouldn't send a single blanket. Not a bottle of water. Not a box of Pampers, nor bottle of Aspirin until that murdering sonofabitch was in American custody and awaiting televised execution in an American prison.

If someone needs to "save" drowning Pakistanis, let it be the douchebags who managed to collect $100 million to build an obnoxious mosque near Ground Zero, or perhaps a dozen or so Saudi Princes can give up hookers and Maker's Mark in Las Vegas this weekend and scrape up a few bucks to help out. Let's see some of that vaunted Islamic charity, generosity and decency we're always hearing about in action, eh?

In the meantime, the more the media shows pictures of suffering Muslims, the more I laugh. There is, it seems, Cosmic Justice.

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