Monday, August 23, 2010

You Don't Pull on Superman's Cape, You Don't Spit in The Wind...

...and you certainly shouldn't fuck with killer whales. Especially ones that have a history of attacking their trainers.

The poor woman who was killed last year at Sea World by a killer whale, is, unfortunately, gone. However, there are still many morons left behind to bicker and argue about how a similar tragedy may be avoided in future. There's always the "This should never happen again" phase of any accident, and sometimes, someone actually does come up with a workable solution. Some of those involved represent the business interests of Sea World, some will represent Animal Rights groups, some are scientists, and for damned sure, the biggest bunch of assholes in this post-mortem will have some connection to the courts, the legal profession and/or the government.

In the end, they will cobble together some list of updated guidelines which will fall short of an actual solution; stop riding fucking killer whales, which, in case no one told these "scientists", are top-of-the-food-chain predators, red in tooth and errr...fin. They routinely kill smaller animals for food, and sometimes, what looks like sport. Killer whales will also team up to take down bigger prey, especially larger whales.

A dizzy blond in a wetsuit doesn't present that much of a challenge, no matter what the Rules and Regulations are.

And no, that is not an insult to the deceased: if you enter a giant, saltwater fish tank -- not normally the natural environment of the blond, wetsuit or no -- with a giant mammal possessed of great strength, and great, bloody sharp teeth, you're probably out of your mind.

The article also has a couple of sidebars. one of which has to do with the "trainer's" autopsy, which was quite disturbing (to me, at least. This woman was violently shaken into unconsciousness, and then drowned), and which makes a better case against continuing to ride and "train"killer whales than the new regulations -- and the $70,000 fine -- that will come out of this tragedy will make for continuing it.

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