Monday, August 23, 2010

Mosque Backers and Protestors Clash...

It was quite the show.

I have a real solution to the problem of the Ground Zero Mosque, but I'm fairly certain no one would listen to me: after all, I'm too smart for elective office in this city. But my solution is, indeed, an elegant one, which preserves both the constitutional right of Muslims to build their mosque and practice their religion, and the right of the September 11th victim's families, the injured first-responders, and all who oppose the mosque the chance to express their feelings in a way that the political class couldn't possibly misunderstand.

I say we let the Muzzies build their $100 million mosque. In fact, the construction unions should drop their opposition, and take the jobs the project will certainly bring -- we need them in these desperate economic times -- not to mention that a $100 million cash injection will help the local economy greatly. After all, they're simply citizens exercising their right to spend their money, and worship the demon of their choice, and if you disagree with that premise, then by God, you must be an Un-American Heathen Obama Lover!

I say: let them build it! Take advantage of the economic boost, strike a blow for freedom of religion, and tolerance! Let that mosque open on September 11, 2011 -- as scheduled -- and let the Raghead community come together to celebrate it's opening... and their cleverness at rubbing the infidel's nose in Islam's greatest victory by using The Great Satan's Constitution as a weapon against him -- itself a second victory!

And when approximately 3,000 Camelfuckers are trapped within, enjoying the heady wine of Allah's Double Triumph ... set the fucking building on fire and let it burn to the ground.

Then we can dance in the streets of Manhattan the way they danced in the streets of Gaza.

I figure we can call it even after that.

*Sigh* But I know it's only a daydream...

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